Do Satanic Pedophiles Run The World?

After seeing that the Qanon thing was a psy op, or had a bunch of misinformation associated with it, many people started to dismiss stories about deep underground military bunkers full of children as ridiculous.

This was perhaps an intended part of the operation, which seemed to be based almost exactly on Operation Trust of the Bolsheviks.

Nobody really knows what’s real anymore, because there’s so many lies floating around. Trump seems to be one of them, whoever “they” are. The Satanic part might be a general cultural association with the dark side, or a secret society that extends right to the top.

I still couldn’t ignore a video with a title like: Our Country is Run by Literal Gay Satanic Pedophiles, and this Document Dump Proves it, and there is actually a lot of evidence out there.

I don’t think there are actually that many men who like little kids that they could run the whole country, or the whole world, but there’s certainly a lot of corrupt and criminal behavior, and it’s hard to tell who is involved in what.

If you defined a pedophile as anyone who has sex with an underage girl, like in their teens, many guys couldn’t even tell the difference between 14 and 18, and that does broaden the amount of potential blackmail victims substantially.

In fact, that may have been part of the reason why they raised the age of consent from the early teens, a bit over a hundred years ago and broke up the traditional nuclear family unit, apart from it being a eugenics program.

It used to be enough to black mail a politician with photos of them having an extra marital affair, or having a gay lover, being guilty of corruption, and now that’s just par for the course, even celebrated.

These people didn’t just black mail the politicians, they changed society from the point where you could get impeached for saying I did not have sexual relations with that woman, to the point where you can get away with sniffing and groping kids in public and be voted in as the president.

As quickly as this story appeared, it disappeared, at least this photo disappeared, from any search engine. The latest story is Joe Biden may have molested his daughter according to her diary. The response? the FBI raided Project Veritas for having a digital copy of the diary even though they chose not to run the story.

You can get voted into office when your son is a crack smoking pedophile who takes a picture of himself with a young girl kneeling at his lap, while making deals to sell out his father’s political influence to China.

Bill Gates was accused of hanging out with Epstein multiple times, and even of bragging about it in the New York Times, and half the people will still support his “charitable work” helping children by injecting them with poison.

Trump was heavily involved with Epstein as well, and you can see how people might tolerate some of that, no proven allegations, but the issue isn’t so much with the sex, it’s the black mail, and the type of people who do that for a living.

They won’t just black mail you, they’ll plant child porn on your computer, they’ll kill your whole family. They are a criminal organization, and the pimping out teens for black mail purposes is just scratching the surface of what they are capable of.

Somebody left a comment about a previous post that there’s no proof Epstein worked for Mossad, and my reply was that it doesn’t matter if it was Mossad, or the CIA, or Mi5, it’s practically all the same people, due to how much they have infiltrated everything.

All the US presidents do the 666 hand sign, along with most Hollywood stars, and some people think that represents the hexagram, the six sided star of Israel.

After a little research, I realized it’s not a traditional Jewish symbol, it’s used in Buddhist, Arab, and Freemason history going back much longer than it was associated with Judaism, and it has a different meaning than people think it does.

What does that have to do with the pedophiles running the world?

Well, it could have been a coincidence it was used by the druids, and in Satanic rituals and as the red sign that gave the Rothschilds their family name, but it’s been around a long time, even longer than Judaism itself.

I’ve seen this countless times now, and I don’t know if it’s true, but that family and many others who claim to be Jewish by race are actually descended from the Khazarians who lived a long time ago in the area now known as Romania and the Ukraine.

Romania is of course famous for Transylvania, the land of (allegedly Christian) Vlad the Impaler, and other famous “vampires” like Elizabeth Bathory.

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Prince Charles said Vlad is his ancestor, and he stayed at Dracula’s castle, making some witty comments like he has a stake in the country.

The claim about the Khazarians is that they used to kill travelers and assume their identity, and the Khazarian mafia has infiltrated many religions, governments, royal families, and they still practice their Satanic rituals in secret.

As people wake up to these obvious crimes, and learn of the possibility of even worse hidden horrors, they usually can’t go back to seeing the world in the same way, and they realize that the resistance is vitally important for our children, even to the survival of the human race.

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