Who Will Survive World War Three?

After the world lost it’s mind and fell down the rabbit hole, landing in Lucifer’s Wonderland, I’m seeing an obvious division into two distinct groups.

There are the statists, who either perpetrate these horrific crimes against humanity themselves, or who use mental gymnastics worthy of an Olympic medal to excuse them.

Then there are the anti authoritarians, libertarians, freedom fighters, anti vaxxers or conservative Christians who just want to be left alone to live life as they always had before the “new normal” turned up to obliterate life as we know it.

Not to be confused with Antifa, who claim to be anti fascist, but who usually fall into the statist apologist group when it comes to supporting the (fascist), public/private partnership of the pharmaceutical industrial complex forcing their experimental deadly poison down people’s throats.

This one world government of unelected totalitarians are what they would perhaps falsely believe to be a Marxist or communist regime, or it’s a mixture of both, and it’s all the same.

Taking over the world and making trillions for the bankers to redistribute wealth to the poor, cutting carbon emissions by getting rid of beef, turning little boys into girls, or whatever the hell it is they think they’re doing.

They’re useful idiots, their lies are so transparent they must know they’re lying, and they’re probably being paid to lie, a lot of the time.

They seem to view the white conservative Christians or patriots, nationalists, as an enemy who need to be destroyed.

I almost understand that perspective, as I have criticized the American military/industrial complex and their wars for oil and the like.

I think this was meant to be sarcastic, not an official flyer for the movie, which should be good, based on the first two.

The obvious flaw in that argument is that’s the exact same corporations who they’re supporting in destroying the middle class of their own countries, while the globalists take everything.

Owning stuff is bad for the environment, so we will all own nothing and be happy, except virtually nobody will be happy, not even the wealthy elites.

I find it hard to believe they fell for the climate action propaganda, or that they read the communist manifesto, I think they’re just a bunch of crack head pedophiles, and that’s all there is to them, Satanist nutjobs.

I used to be on the “left wing” side, which was quite different even just a few years ago.

There were talking points like we want more money for public services, tax the rich, give to the poor, you racist bigots, I want to smoke weed all day and watch TV.

When Satanism was a fringe rebel group that liked sex, drugs and rock n roll, I was actually kind of into it, but an openly Satanic totalitarian government? No way.

Make love, not war man, don’t be a square, but that was the hippies, and these people are different.

Now they have this insane virtue signalling like calling women cisgender birthing persons, giving their pronouns like he and him, they and them, ze and zir, when asked for their name.

Banning the words mother and father, calling pedophiles minor attracted persons and demanding everyone wear masks and inject experimental poison or they will be rounded up and put in prison camps.

It’s hard to say just how many there are of these completely disturbed, brainwashed cult members who can only be called Satanic freaks, but there’s enough of them that you can see millions adhering to multiple behaviors on that list, fed to them by the TV.

It’s bizarre enough to make any fundamentalist religion or cult seem remarkably sane in comparison, and a lot of the motivation for believing this crap and trying to force it on society seems to be primarily to trigger the conservatives, to piss them off and make their lives miserable.

These are generally speaking, hate filled degenerate lunatics, they don’t even know the normal, family minded church going type of people in the opposition but they assume that group must hate them, so they have to attack them.

That is actually true, or it definitely is now, and it isn’t because they’re racists or bigots, that isn’t really true for the most part.

It’s because these are nasty, evil people, who anyone in their right mind would hate, not because they’re gay or trans or black or Jews or on drugs, but because they’re just horrible people, they call themselves Satanists, and based on their actions, that’s a bad thing, obviously.

There is a crossover with the old fashioned liberals who just got brainwashed by the covid crap to believe that the other side were white supremacist anti vaxxers and they were risking the lives of everyone with their insane notions of freedom, but those are horrible people too.

There are no good people left in that group of left wing Marxist/communist totalitarian pedo crack head supporting scum, even if they used to be, because they’re basically terrorists if they had their head filled with these poisonous lies and they repeat them. Period.

I could see how they could think the opposite is true due to cognitive dissonance, and the fact there were some racists, bigots, hypocrites and criminals on that conservative side historically, and even now.

But, freedom is not a political debate for me, it’s non negotiable, they’re wrong, vaccine mandates implemented in the style of this totalitarian regime with rubber bullets, tear gas and concentration camps, are a violent, treasonous attack on humanity.

It violates the Nuremberg code, it’s a crime against humanity, and on such a vast scale, it’s worse than raping children, it has killed and injured millions, cost people their jobs, their lives, and their freedom, and so their beliefs on this issue cannot be tolerated, end of story.

I’m not going to debate whether sex with children can be an enjoyable thing if done right, like Oprah said, and I’m not going to debate whether vaccines work or whether this one does, it’s a serious crime to violate bodily autonomy, even if you managed to do it by lying to the mentally deficient and convincing some of them.

It doesn’t work, even they admit that, and I believe it’s deadly poison, and it’s my body, my choice, so let me live my life the way I want to live, you sick Satanic pieces of crap, this is not how the world is going to be, because I won’t let that happen.

Letting this become the new normal for all generations to come, scanning barcodes in every building until the end of time to check you had your bi annual death shot that slowly kills you is not tolerable.

That actually requires action, because it’s an active attack on our entire society, and unlike climate change, this can’t wait, it’s a clear and present danger, and it has a real obvious solution.

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They just need to snap out of it and the sooner the better. The longer this goes on, the more it will become normalized, and it’s not normal, it’s not rational, and it’s not something that they should get away with doing to our society, forcing a two caste system medical apartheid.

I checked out my local laws when it came to the “mandate” and it said there is no obligation for business owners to monitor or enforce compliance.

Bit of a nothing burger on paper, so if anyone ever does ask me about it, they’re asking for it, and if they’re not required by law to do this crap, or even if they are, I hold them responsible for being totalitarian scum.

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