The Globalists Lose Popularity Amid Further Accusations

This episode of the High Wire has Robert F Kennedy exposing the crimes of Fauci as explored in his book The Real Anthony Fauci, such as kidnapping foster children and doing deadly experiments on them with AIDS drugs.

This was reported in the mainstream media at the time, around 2005, (although they didn’t go into the full extent of the brutality of the experiments), which makes it all the more worrying that this psychopathic, child killing, puppy torturing demon scum is still working.

Anything I said about this monster would not be enough, as many famous conservative news presenters, (Tucker Carlson, Glen Beck, Joe Rogan, Alex Jones), to name but a few, are accusing him of being part of a massive conspiracy and plotting to release this virus on purpose.

As he said in that interview, the mainstream news networks are owned or funded by the same bunch of people who planned this world takeover attempt, so it’s incredibly hard to tell the truth on this issue to a large audience, but it is happening.

Ralph Baric bragged that he could do gain of function in such a way that nobody would be able to tell the virus had been manipulated in a lab.

Evidence has been mounting since the start that Ralph Baric worked on the gain of function in America at Fort Detrick before the virus was moved to the Wuhan lab, funded by Peter Daszak through Eco Health Alliance.

Peter Daszak bragged about doing gain of function on video and then lied multiple times and was the guy who wrote the paper saying it was from nature and was appointed as the WHO investigator to the lab, etc.

He spoke at the National Academy of Sciences in 2016 about the need for a pan coronavirus vaccine, that a key driver is the media, investors will follow the hype if they see profit at the end of the process, it’s basically smoking gun proof he’s guilty.

There has been smoking gun proof they planned all of this since the beginning, the problem is, it’s such a large conspiracy. It involves the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, the governments of the world.

It’s world war three, but rather than focusing on the entire world, it’s important to try to overpower the Satanic blackmailed pedophiles working for these scum, the traitors selling you out to globalists in your local area.

Try to go after the people at the top too, if you can, but just resist using their “beast system” which is most obvious in the vaccine passport.

This is the ID2020 digital identity and social credit system they had in the works for many years, it has 2020 in the name, because it was planned to come out in 2020.

Understand that the first thing, (but not the only thing), the digital passport is going to do is function as forced medical experimentation, a violation of the Nuremberg code, which is treason, and as I’ve been saying from the start, anyone directly guilty of that is sentenced to death.

I don’t care if it says that in the law, my position is self defense is warranted against a deadly attack of this nature, which wasn’t just designed to sell faulty pharmaceuticals.

It was designed to collapse the world economy, kill and injure millions so they could come in and buy everything up and take over when the world is on their knees.

The hard part is working out who is knowingly guilty of these crimes, and who has been hypnotized by the propaganda and is “just following orders” from the top, it’s evil genius, but it is incredibly evil.

To summarize, if you supported destroying the world and causing a great depression because of a flu that’s about as bad as the flu, costing trillions and imposing totalitarian tyranny that removes all human rights and freedoms..

If you supported forced injections of poison that are probably more likely to kill you, rather than doing nothing about it at all, or trying alternative treatments that were proven to work better than the death shot..

If you support ignoring the people who attacked the world with these biological weapons on purpose in the face of mounting evidence, as they continue to get worse and worse, die you scum.

I have no patience left for anybody who has that opinion, which isn’t even their own opinion but propaganda, and which is sucking us all into an Orwellian nightmare conceived by genocidal psychopathic maniacs.

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