CNN Is A Pedophilia Mothership Of Evil

I love some of the things Alex Jones says when describing these horrible criminals, and the only reason he can get away with saying that without getting sued, is because it’s true.

A CNN producer just got charged with molesting a nine year old girl in front of her mother, among other things, as part of recruitment and training for the child sex trafficking ring they allegedly run, right out of CNN headquarters.

He said stuff like “a woman is a woman, regardless of her age” and he was “training them to be sexually submissive”.

Sounds like an organized operation to me, or it takes unbelievable balls to say that, if you didn’t think you had a license to kill, and it was widely suspected they were CIA, or run by Jews.

Alex made a claim about Ghislaine Maxwell working for MI5, and I had heard from most sources it was Mossad, and it’s possible he got that detail wrong on purpose, but it doesn’t really matter because they’re all the same bunch of criminals anyway.

If this guy isn’t a serial child rapist psycho killer, the things he says on air are pretty much as bad as that anyway, but he probably is.

Pedophile producer who got arrested while making insanely bold statements to convince mothers to teach their children to be submissive sex slaves as part of a “training program”.

He works for CNN, who work for the CIA, who work for the banking cartels who own pretty much everything, and that’s probably why he thought he could get away with it.

Don Lemon said about one convicted pedophile he felt a bit sorry for him. The vicious attacks on “anti vaxxers” are enough for me to call for your death, for that. In my opinion you are worse than a pedophile, out in the open.

You might say, if they own everything, why do they have to pimp out kids, why do they even need any more money and power?

The reason they got rich in the first place is because they’re greedy evil Satanist criminals, they’re drug dealers, and probably drug addicts as well, and so it’s never enough for them.

They like sex, drugs, and rock and roll, but taken to various extremes that are far beyond normal and it’s literally their religion, because it’s an insane criminal pedophile death cult that runs the world.

I don’t particularly think the rampant sex crimes in TV producers is the scariest part of this story, it’s not like it’s particularly new in Hollywood, although it’s definitely scary if you have daughters, who you don’t plan to train to be submissive sex slaves to older men.

It’s that CNN is supposed to be in their own words the most trusted name in news, although I think the vast majority of people would disagree with that statement, if they ever agreed with it.

It’s state/corporate propaganda, but it definitely influences millions of people in life and death decisions, and obviously the politicians are being black mailed as well, and the full extent may never be known.

I don’t really know what my point is, but there are certain people who still haven’t realized what type of people the “establishment” are, and I think those people are mind controlled members of a terrorist cult who are so dangerous, you may have to kill them, literally.

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