The Evolution Of The Q Movement

We didn’t all end up at the same place, but there’s some things we can all agree on, like freedom is a good thing, and there is a bunch of criminals in power trying to take our freedom.

I never got into Q enough to read all the drops, I found the entire thing a little fishy, mostly because I was looking at the Qanon groups which had all manner of bizarre misinformation or wild speculation.

The way I understand it, there were some good people in there, doing their own research, and some of them were good at finding the truth, while others who tried to do their own research didn’t do so well.

They were kind of like an echo chamber that gradually got infiltrated by intelligence operatives that were purposefully running a psy op.

Trying to make them look like unhinged nutcases spreading dangerous misinformation, and it was used to manipulate them into things like the capitol riots.

Far as I could tell, adrenochrome isn’t real, or it’s not what they said it was, but that doesn’t mean psychopaths aren’t real.

Not that people shouldn’t have been protesting at the capitol, but it was a bit of a set up and it was also used as justification for censorship and cracking down on “domestic terrorists”.

Which wasn’t really their fault, although accusing everyone of being a pedophile without proof while they were also threatening to kill them was a bit reckless and clearly dangerous.

In my opinion the general name Qanon is mud, the whole thing is toast, and Q stopped doing posts a year ago, so it’s basically over.

However, it’s not really over. There were many people in that movement who were woken up to proven crimes and corruption.

Such as the Epstein/Maxwell case, along with various other things which are known to be true, or which are just obvious, and they haven’t stopped searching for the truth.

I wasn’t all that interested in the child trafficking side of it, my opinion is most guys just want to get laid, they aren’t usually specifically into young children, or it’s not a common trait, they should definitely save the children if they need to be saved.

There was always going to be something to complain about for men or women, or children, and I get it is a serious crime, but it’s not a new thing, and if anything it seemed to get worse the more they tried to fight the male instinct.

With half the people not in a relationship, that definitely had something to do with it, and I think there’s been more talk about pedophiles in the last few years than anyone ever heard about it since history began.

Like the war on drugs, or the war on terror, it never really has an end point, and most of it is impossible to stop completely.

Feminism didn’t really work, and it’s been so long it’s been around, nobody even remembers what it was like before that, or if it was relatively better, or worse.

I favor harm minimization, or meeting somewhere in the middle, rather than being completely for or against the whole thing, because it’s not black and white.

It is possible to be too self righteous, or hypocritical, and I say that because I saw many examples of that, although there was also some serious crimes going on that needed to see justice but didn’t.

The important part of the story to me was that it’s a systemic black mail tool, that sucks people into a large and powerful criminal cartel that also uses threats and bribery to protect the power of the elites and to create a culture of fear, corruption, and cover ups, for many other issues as well.

The covid scam was more important to me, because it involved more suffering, on a much larger scale, and because it could mean the loss of all freedom, for everyone, forever, and it already has caused massive amounts of death and injury from these poison shots.

The cure was worse than the disease, the bioweapon they attacked the world with, and it will get much worse if people continue trusting the plan of these psychopaths.

They are enslaving the world in a digital prison where every part of life is controlled by these sick evil bastards for all time, if we don’t stop them, and we have to stop them, or resist the worst of it, by any means necessary.

These bastards are using fear of the virus, (that they made and released on purpose) to convince the brainwashed masses to give up all their rights and freedoms to a global totalitarian regime, and it is of course, the same people who are running the drugs and the women and children.

They are THE criminals. Running the sex and drug trades is just the basic stuff, they start wars for weapons profits, they kill people not just for money, not just because they think there are too many people, but because they like killing people.

It starts at the top because that’s where the money is, and they are also the same people who created feminism and broke up the nuclear family.

Same people who created the hippy movement and woke culture among other social conditioning scams and eugenics programs which made them a fortune.

It’s the fastest way for anyone to get rich, people spend their money on rent or paying off their home loan, taxes, food and essential items, but if they’re those kind of people, they could spend all of the rest of their money on sex and drugs, no matter how much money they had, and it’s a lot of money.

Part of the way they made all that money was making it illegal or a scarce resource, so they could control it, and that’s why they were responsible for demonizing sex and drugs, fighting a war on drugs, while the exact same people ran the massive trillion dollar black market industry in a monopoly.

I don’t like quoting CNN, they’re the worst, but that was a quote from Trump, and he doesn’t deny he said that, because he did.

So the people who have all the money obviously deal drugs and are involved in the sex trade, while working closely with the government, or the bankers, real estate moguls, and it’s all basically one thing, because it’s all linked, by the money.

The more money you have, the more likely you’re doing something shady, the more likely it is you have ties to really shady people, so for regular people, to let yourself get sucked into a world where those people control every single thing you do would be the largest mistake the world could possibly make.

Which brings me back to the vaccine passports. Sure, the biological weapon they attacked the world with sounds bad, I’m sure it kills some people, perhaps even more than the flu, however it doesn’t matter if vaccines work or not, if you look back to the start of that sentence.

The moment I see anyone playing along with this totalitarian narrative of mandatory lockdowns, giving people back their freedoms if they had the right amount of experimental shots, using the QR codes, taking the faulty tests, any of it, I have one reaction.

You are enslaving the entire world into domination by sick Satanic drug dealing, mass murdering pedophile eugenicist criminals who attacked the world with biological weapons.

Shut the fuck up, and start telling the obvious truth about these people, or you’re participating in making the world into one massive dungeon full of sex slaves and mind slaves who have been trained to be submissive to the point they commit suicide at the sound of a bell.

The vaccines are rape if they’re forced on people, it doesn’t matter psychologically if it’s sex or poison, same difference, they’re screwing us metaphorically, trying to take our free will like a pedophile rapist who won’t take no for an answer, and that’s because they are those people, and that’s what they do.

Regardless of whether Q was legit and working for “the good guys” or whether Trump was one of them from the beginning, whether Alex Jones is controlled opposition or not, the one thing that remains certain is these are sick people in power, and we cannot let them gain any more power than they already have.

You can’t dismiss the obvious criminality of the elites by labeling people as crazy Qanon conspiracy theorists, and with someone like Amazing Polly, you can see she’s got the goods because she sticks to the facts.

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She proved the massive corruption of the people running the covid scam, and also did a pretty good job of linking them to the same people who run the child sex rings and black mail operations, because it’s all connected, and obviously so.

It’s just a matter of time before it comes out on a mass scale, or a larger mass scale than it already has, and when a majority of the public know the full extent of the evil of these people, I really don’t think they’ll succeed in taking over the world in the way they’re trying to, but it’s going to take everything we have to stop them.

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