Boosters Don’t Work Against The Moronic Variant

A very informative video from Last American Vagabond, you can find all the source links on his site, which might be useful, if anyone cared about the science who doesn’t already know.

The first story was that Facebook are claiming in a lawsuit that their fact checks are protected opinion.

In other words, they’re not real fact checks, but they censor experts telling the truth, and call them liars, while claiming to be independent fact checkers, but it’s their opinion, so it doesn’t matter.

The fact checks are funded by Facebook, Google, George Soros and Bill Gates, pretty much all of them, which they made a lame attempt to hide, but only good enough to fool the state controlled brainwashed masses.

The hypnotized imbeciles who pathetically strive to believe in the totalitarian ministry of truth AI mind control and propaganda these corporate criminal scum are feeding them, against all logic and reason.

They lie and say they’re independent, and that they’re giving you facts, and that caused a large number of honest people to lose millions or have their reputation tarnished, because willfully ignorant or gullible people believed them, or because they were allowed to get away with it.

This is proven at this point, the fact checks are lies or a deceptive manipulation of the truth.

They’re a bunch of slimy corporate weasels covering up how their vicious attack on the world hurt more people than it helped, at every level.

Given this is proven, even according to government data and their own “experts” anyone who doesn’t accept these facts are proven, contrary to the “fact checks” that lie openly, which they tried to argue in court was “protected opinion”, is part of the enemy side in world war three.

The video also mentioned the boosters which Fauci said Americans may just have to deal with, along with the rest of the world, even as they show about 22% efficacy against Omicron, if that even exists at all.

As LAV pointed out, that’s supposed to be illegal, you cannot have an emergency use authorized drug if it’s less than 50% effective, or if there’s other treatments available that are approved.

This will wane even more over time, and with new variants, and it doesn’t matter how many times you take the same shot that didn’t work the first time.

Over time this will kill more people with the horrific side effects and have less efficacy, meaning the cure will be worse than the disease, as if it wasn’t already.

They bought enough booster doses for seven years in Australia, which proves those people are trying to kill us and enslave us for their globalist masters, period.

Doesn’t matter if they don’t think they are, they are, and we gave them endless proof of that, and there were millions of us, protesting in the street, yelling it at the top of our lungs.

As Dr Mercola explained in the last post, (which I’ve been publishing here since he’s been so viciously attacked he had to delete all posts after 48 hours), vitamin D is about 80% effective at preventing severe covid.

Or, to put it another way, the problem that causes serious cases of covid is old age, vitamin deficiency, obesity, or other comorbidities or terminal illnesses, like being shot in the head, which they call covid deaths sometimes, because they tested positive with a useless test that wasn’t meant to be used to diagnose disease.

Just on that point, the head of the Chinese CDC said they did not isolate the virus. The inventor of the PCR test said it wasn’t meant to be used to diagnose disease, and every single part of this ridiculous hoax is just like that.

It’s not one part of the covid narrative that doesn’t make sense or is wrong, a scam, a plot, a psy op, a crime, it’s every single part of it, from start to finish, it might not even exist at all, and they just said it did.

That being said, there’s maybe four types of people that I perceive in the fight for the freedom of humanity against these totalitarian psychopaths, and the future of our species.

Hopeless lost causes who can’t be convinced of even basic proven facts, and those who might accept proof from scientific studies but paradoxically still support “the science” which ignores the facts in it’s “recommendations”.

Then there’s those who accept the evil of these monsters, and those who will actually do something about it, more than just talk, and we’re going to need as many as possible in that last group, because this is world war three.

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