We’re Not Gonna Take It

I went to a freedom rally today in Hobart, there weren’t as many people as last weekend, apparently it got up to about two thousand the week before, but it’s always good to get together and show solidarity.

I was yelling out a protest chant which I wrote myself, because they asked me to get on the megaphone.

Australia 🇦🇺 Queensland, “Two-tiered Society” Restrictions have come into effect for “UNVACCINATED” No entry to cafés, restaurants, pubs, clubs, RSL clubs, taverns, function centres, bars, wineries, distilleries, microbreweries, nightclubs, live music venues, karaoke bars, concerts, theatres, cinemas, bowling alleys, amusement arcades, casinos and other gambling venues, convention centres, adult entertainment venues (including strip clubs and brothels), stadiums, theme parks, tourism parks, zoos, aquariums, wildlife centres, showgrounds, music festivals, art festivals and cultural festivals 💔 (17/12/2021

The idea is I yell it, or somebody does, then the crowd repeat it. Here are the words:

No vaccine passports (no vaccine passports)

No endless boosters (no endless boosters)

No social credit score (no social credit score)

No more censorship (no more censorship)

No segregation (no segregation)

No UN nation (no UN nation)

Medical tyranny (medical tyranny)

No good for you and me (no good for you and me)

Freedom (freedom) x8

Totalitarians (totalitarians)

We will rise again (we will rise again)

Screw the new world order (screw the new world order)

Screw the new world order (screw the new world order)

Save our children (save our children)

From the global predators (from the global predators

Save our children (save our children)

From the corporate criminals (from the corporate criminals)

Freedom (freedom) x8

Australia has fallen (Australia has fallen) x4

No brain dead zombies (no brain dead zombies)

It’s a real conspiracy (it’s a real conspiracy)

They made the virus in the lab (they made the virus in the lab)

So they could give us a jab (so they could give us a jab)

Brought to you by Pfizer (brought to you by Pfizer)

But we have gotten wiser (we have gotten wiser)

Fuck the new normal (fuck the new normal)

Cause we are not a moron (we are not a moron)

Freedom (freedom)

Freedom (freedom)

Freedom (freedom)

Freedom (freedom)

Freedom (freedom)

Freedom (freedom)

Freedom (freedom)

Freedom (freedom)

Extra verse: The people united will never be defeated! x8

There were much larger rallies around the world again, including in Victoria, which is the main place I’ve been following.

It was organized for almost everywhere in the world, if not this weekend, then many others.

There were two things of note that happened at the small protest in Hobart.

One was we marched right through the market which was roped off and “required” everyone to scan QR codes and wear a mask, which we didn’t, obviously.

Trump family singing We’re Not Gonna Take It with Twisted Sister, although it’s not clear exactly what Trump isn’t going to take. He took their vaccine, he takes credit for it, I don’t see him as resistance.

The organizer got upset about that, and she said some doctors who were going to speak at the rally after that actually left and didn’t speak.

There is no covid in Tasmania, or there’s been two cases apparently in the last few days, and the premier is considering whether he should mandate masks, but maybe he won’t because almost everyone got jabbed, so how could he justify that?

He couldn’t, you can’t stop the flu, or anything like it. The end point was everyone who wanted to take the faulty jab took it, (95% did here they say), and if you can’t get back to normal after that, then it was false advertising.

That should be the end of the story, but of course they have to play along with the media constructed narrative to some degree because of all the brainwashed retards who believe it, and won’t let it go.

My response was that’s my market, and they can’t have it. I’m ready to go to war with these bastards if they won’t get the hell out of my way and let me into my market (it’s public land), without a mask, which doesn’t work, for the covid, which isn’t even there.

They started saying you had to wear them before there was any cases at all, in this state. I was ready for battle, and she was a bit more domesticated, but we agreed to disagree.

The other thing that happened was some guy sitting at a pub as the march went by, got up and started heckling one of the women yelling out freedom and the like.

He slapped the megaphone in her hand, and one of the guys pushed him back by the throat, and I put my fists up as well and said “there’s more of us than there are of you”.

There were right there and then, like try beating up someone in that crowd, without having a gun and a badge, and you’ll probably get destroyed, or you will if I’m there.

Shame they haven’t destroyed the cops that do it, but that is a bit of a different situation.

As I was walking back to my car, I saw a guy in an Antifa t shirt.

It did cross my mind to attack him, because they seem to be an attack dog of this fascist/communist takeover, regardless of whether that’s the way they see themselves or not.

I say these things because I want people to know what I’m thinking, not necessarily what I’m going to do. I never been a violent man, I stabbed a guy once, but only because he literally asked me to.

These people, the far left, state worshiping brainwashed retards are sucking us into totalitarianism, and as I’ve said before, if you pop your head up as that openly Satanic entity with everything that’s going on, I’m just about ready to cut it off. I just need to buy a chainsaw, or something.

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