Oh My God, It’s Omicron

As we learn that Omicron isn’t really a serious virus, (based on all reports), it becomes more and more irrelevant to produce numbers and scientific studies, because they’re all guessing and it doesn’t matter.

It’s not even science, but some people like to see the scientists argue, so they can debate with the indoctrinated sheep.

To me, it makes no difference one way or the other. To engage in a debate of whether this new variant is slightly better or slightly worse than the flu would be ignoring everything they did to the world.

They threw the world headlong into world war three, a great depression, a psychological trauma that will scar the children, and the adults for the rest of their lives.

It was far beyond rational or sane, and it will probably end up killing many more people than the virus.

I don’t give a damn about who dies of the flu, or any new flu they made in a lab and released on purpose, if that’s what happened. At this point, it’s about getting justice.

Not just for the biological weapon they attacked the world with, but for the insane response which was much worse, and killed more people.

Also, for the totalitarian regime based around a surveillance and censorship social credit score control grid that would make Orwell turn over in his grave, because even he couldn’t have imagined such a horrific, totalitarian future.

It’s true that it’s worse if you think about it, and if you don’t think about it, you can just pretend it doesn’t exist, and that fixes the problem for some easily controlled people, but that problem will persist for a long time.

They had their minds herded into the endless debate about whether the vaccine stops transmission and illness for the delta or omicron strain, and I keep trying to bring it back to the main point, I don’t care.

I don’t care if old people die at an average age of 78 or 80 or 82, they can do whatever they need to do by themselves and they can leave me out of it, and they would often say the same.

They had their death shot now, which as the video explains, actually caused them to die in larger numbers. They just lied about how they killed them, which was the general theme from the start.

Simple scam, a person is not “fully vaccinated” until two weeks after they have their second shot, and then it gets revoked three months after, and then they say you need a booster, so half the time when they did take the vaccine, they’re classified as unvaccinated.

If they die on day one, or a week or two after, that’s an unvaccinated death, based on the period when they classify them as one of those people, and it’s similar lying with statistics that gave you all these faulty numbers.

There are no numbers, not really, because they lied, because they’re liars, because they’re criminals, guilty of crimes against humanity, like attacking the world with biological weapons, and that’s all there is to it.

I don’t feel the need to explain that point all that much more, but there’s some pretty good analysis of the facts and figures in that main video, and you can find the sources on Last American Vagabond’s site.

If you are trying to talk to one of these people, just keep bringing it back to the philosophical argument, that it’s isn’t worth spending trillions of dollars and losing all freedom forever to save old people a year, if it worked, which it didn’t, and that’s your money.

That’s your tax payer dollars, that’s your children’s future, that’s your body, your choice, your society. I don’t really believe in democracy, if a majority of people can be brainwashed to allow such things to happen unchallenged.

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It also isn’t democracy if nobody in politics is going to stand up for your opinion, and who will actually change the system until you’re satisfied with what they’re doing.

If we aren’t nearing the end of this soon, I can only imagine the real war will begin at any time, and that’s possibly going to seem like a relief compared to what some people have had to deal with.

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