The Spider At The Center Of The Web

A speech by David Icke to locals where he lives in The Isle Of Wight about the web of global control making itself known, which he calls the cult.

It’s not really anything new, but it’s just further evidence of what’s happening, from someone who researched “conspiracy theories” for thirty years.

He was one of the original conspiracy theorists, and it was very much on the fringe when he began, saying things like lizard headed aliens run the world, but it doesn’t seem so far fetched in recent times.

Something like that, but you can call them whatever you want, the illuminati, Satanic pedophiles, the cult, the globalists, the Freemasons, the Jews, the Jesuits, skull and bones, it’s all basically the same people.

There are differences among them, but it’s a pyramid of power that has it’s origins long before the Roman empire and the corrupt Jewish leaders who crucified Jesus, and they never lost power.

It’s more the money and power itself and the families who held the tightest grip on that power, rather than a particular race or religion, but it’s a philosophy of being ruthless and having no mercy for the peasants if they do not submit to tyranny or even if they do.

It’s also a system where you suck up to those above you in the pyramid, and follow orders, which paradoxically means the people in some of the highest positions of power are themselves slaves or puppets.

I’m in Tasmania, which just imposed an indoor mask mandate for the state, and I just had lunch with two friends in a restaurant and we didn’t wear masks, but some of these people are enforcing these ridiculous “rules”.

I tried talking to my father about it, and laying out all the reasons why this is a planned world takeover attempt, by psychopaths, and he tried to defend everything they did as though they were obviously good people who should be defended.

As he told me before, he just finds it easier and less stressful to write off everything bad they do as a conspiracy theory and do what the government tells him.

Because he’s a weak minded, domesticated sheep who would rather watch CNN or MSNBC or similar “news” programs owned by the same people.

That’s not actually what he said, but I hold these people personally responsible for everything they’re doing because collectively, they are what allows it to happen by their acquiescence and compliance.

It’s not like it isn’t proven, and I have proven it, sufficient for winning a court case, along with millions of other people, but if you get people like that on the jury, and a bought and paid for judge, we’re screwed.

Another problem which is on a lot of people’s minds is Trump seems to have sold out to big pharma, so he isn’t going to be the savior people had hoped for, it’s up to us.

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