Biden Says Trump And I Agree On The Boosters

Don’t, don’t, don’t he says about the “very small number of people” who are losing their jobs and being shut out of stores and restaurants for not taking endless toxic boosters that don’t work.

It may be one of the few things he and I agree on, says Biden, about one of the main issues facing the world today, leaving democracy with no choice in the USA, if they don’t get rid of Trump.

The alternative media I been looking at, who have been fairly devoted Trump supporters in the past have been coming out in condemnation of Trump, for a number of good reasons, such as the injections aren’t safe and effective at all.

The news never ends with stories of famous people who had the booster getting sick or testing positive, and the CNN witch Leanna Wen has come out and said cloth masks are little more than face decorations, after people were arrested around the world for not wearing them.

So, you have to wear the paper ones, which has written on the box that they don’t work, those ones work, do they?

It’s so in your face how much they’re making fun of these retards who believe in any of it.

These scum just mandated useless face decorations in my city on the other side of the world because there were a handful of “cases” of “omicron” and I’m trying to wake people up, but it’s an endless war on stupid.

Why do I say they did it, and not my local state premier? Because those government puppets are “following the health advice” which is controlled by the same bankers who own the pharmaceutical industrial complex and the media.

They own practically everything, in the world, or enough of the consequential corporations to pull off this world takeover plot.

I’ll try one more time for the completely retarded, brain dead imbeciles.

The booster doesn’t work because the spike protein mutated enough that it is different, but they’re using the same genetic code downloaded from China to make the exact same shot for the booster.

The Chinese CDC guy who was also at the pre planning meeting, event 201 two months before they released the biological weapon from the Wuhan lab said they didn’t isolate the virus in the first place, but you need an exact match to make a vaccine work.

Try reading that again, and if cloth masks don’t work, because the air goes right through them, the air goes around the paper masks, which is the exact same problem, they don’t work, and they know they don’t, if there’s even any need for them to work.

Like I said, these scum were dragging women to the ground with their hands around their neck in my country on the other side of the world, because they weren’t wearing them after that scum Dan Andrews said a mask worn is a mask wasted.

So to me, you have to fall into one of two clearly defined groups: these lying scum and their puppets and brainwashed mind slaves, or people fighting against them, boldly, loudly, obviously.

If it was just a funny joke, and it was possible to just ignore it, I’d still be looking on in horror at how moronic people are.

But, even if you don’t fall for their bullshit, you still can’t escape it, or they’re making it incredibly hard to just say no.

So any mandates, any totalitarianism is an attack, and an enemy, in world war three, and if you aren’t clearly against it, then you’re for it.

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