The People On The Other Side Of The Wall

The Berlin wall. On the East German side, some estimated as many as one in three of the population were working as paid informants to the communist government, snitching on their neighbors, before it fell.

Some of the videos Harry Vox does are a bit harsh, even for me, but this was a pretty good explanation of what’s going on.

There’s an information blockade, an AI algorithm that separated us into two distinct groups, mostly on social media, and there were millions of people who were herded away from Facebook and YouTube onto alternative sites.

This was part of the plan, and they mentioned that millions would be getting their news exclusively from ZapQ (Qanon) anti vax sites in the Johns Hopkins SPARS pandemic scenario from 2017.

I’m adding links to some of these groups if you want to join and see what’s being shared or if you have something important to share yourself to lots of people.

It’s hard to figure out who you can trust when you realize that some of those appearing to fight against this ruthless plot to takeover the world could possibly be controlled opposition designed to divide us even further.

Like, who hasn’t been called out as a shill, Harry Vox? Well, I seen him doing the 666 hand sign, and the antisemitic rants are exactly the kind of thing that would be an example of how it divides people further.

Not that it’s not true, most of what he’s saying. But should I trust Brendon O’Connell when he says Max Igan, Dollar Vigilante and others are flat earther scammers?

There’s definitely some truth to that, but are they working for the same people who own CNN and Pfizer? If they’re not, and they’re calling out this whole covid scam, then that’s more important to me than if they’re on drugs or whatever.

It would be good if you could find somebody in the media or alternative media who wasn’t either working for the bankers or a crack head or an acid casualty, and I’m finding it hard to trust anyone at all, but some things are indisputable and verifiable.

Which things are those? Well, there is a large and powerful group who run the world and they are trying to consolidate their wealth and power by running these psy ops on everyone.

The main thing you can be certain of is they planned this whole covid scam for years, and it is a scam, or a plot.

There are many different layers of the plot, or levels of evil intent which you can choose to believe or not to some degree, but it’s absolutely certain that they’re messing with people’s minds and causing great suffering, to get money and power.

The other motivation they all talk about is depopulation or even just a psychopathic urge to cause suffering because they’re literal Satanists.

When trying to work out if that is a motivation for these people, just think of how hard it is to lay that claim on one person, and make it stick, let alone such a massive group of people around the world.

If you were trying to accuse a rich and famous person of being a psychopath or a pedophile, you’d have to trust someone who got attacked by them, which does have the possibility of their story being a lie.

They could be falsely accusing them to get money, or it could be a smear campaign by their political opponents, or they might be exaggerating or maybe there was a misunderstanding, but it’s important to take people seriously when they do come forward with evidence of a serious crime.

The other thing that’s important is if you can actually prove somebody is guilty of a crime, with indisputable evidence, that they actually get charged and go to court, which doesn’t happen at all with the most powerful people.

There is a bunch of rich elites who have a monopoly on corporate power, they have been proven to be corrupt, ruthless, vicious, manipulative, deceitful, and a certain percentage of them are definitely pedophiles, rapists, murderers, or whatever.

But everyone has some good and some bad in them, take a guy like Elon Musk, is he all bad?

He’s certainly not all good, but I haven’t found reason enough to say there’s no hope for him, even if he wants to put a computer chip in people’s brains.

I think it’s important to remember nobody is perfect, but when they’re trying to kill you, or your children, you have a right to defend yourself, and it’s a direct attack, it’s out in the open, and we’re in an actual war, it’s just not like the others.

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Yes, I still promote Max Igan’s videos, I think there’s enough good stuff in there to warrant that, but definitely take it with a grain of salt.

One thought on “The People On The Other Side Of The Wall

  1. Thanks for that Tucker Carlson video.. that was eye opening. Anyone who has been presented with the evidence and has 2 brain cells to rub together knows that 9/11 was an inside job. What a f*<$ing shill.

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