Trump Praised By CNN For Being A Sellout To Big Pharma

This isn’t a new thing for me, I been saying Trump was “one of them” for almost a year now, and when he’s getting praise from CNN and the Democrats, that surely means he’s on the dark side.

What dark side am I talking about? The side that is making plasmid DNA covid vaccines and testing them on children in India, and they say they’re 66.6% effective.

They are laughing at idiots falling for their obvious scam while they kill themselves, and that’s how they see it.

If they’re stupid enough, or brainwashed enough to line up to be injected with poison that has the number 666 plastered all over everything to do with it, they deserve to die or get sterilized or whatever.

There is of course not much choice for a lot of people, the totalitarian governments of the world have made it almost impossible for them to do anything in some countries without getting poisoned or tested with a faulty test.

In Australia, they made a special program to pay for the funerals of those who took the covid shot while they deny them the ability to work or shop if they don’t take it.

They’re the lucky ones. I mean they’re lucky if they die quickly rather than get something like transverse myelitis, depending on how you look at being lucky.

I see so many pages talking about their blatant, obvious evil and how large a crime against humanity this whole thing is, that I often forget how many people actually fell for it.

I don’t really know the numbers, but Biden has a less than 30% approval rating, they’re chanting fuck Joe Biden by the millions in stadiums, even got him to say it himself by phone bombing him, and Trump wants to move closer to that side.

What that did for Trump when the left hated him and half of his supporters no longer support him because of his promotion of the vaccines is give him an even lower approval rating than Biden.

He didn’t just suddenly pick up votes from the left, he lost half of his base. They’d probably still vote for him over Biden, but not in the Republican party primaries.

I’m not even in America, but it is still the last best hope for saving the world, but only if the people can take back control of it from the Satanic globalist cabal.

Take it back from the bankers, the WEF, the UN, the corporate criminals and especially the media, and actually stand for freedom, justice, democracy, and all the things it used to claim it stood for.

Obviously Trump isn’t going to do that, it isn’t him playing 4D chess, with the amount of death and injury clearly proven from these covid shots, he’s just a liar for saying what he’s been saying, and that’s not good enough, not at all.

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It’s hard to watch anything on CNN, but that’s the point I’m making. The WHO says young healthy people shouldn’t get the vaccine because it kills them, which it does, which is verifiable and true, like the inventor of mRNA said.
Kills more of them than covid with thousands of cases of myocarditis and worse in children, but Trump lies and says nobody is dying when they take the vaccine, only more of them if they’re young and healthy, and it doesn’t work against the new variants, wears off in three months, etc.

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