Inventor Of MRNA Banned From Twitter For Trying To Save Children

This was apparently one of the last videos Dr Robert Malone shared on Twitter before he was banned, and it explains how they knew more people were dying who took the shot than those who didn’t.

This video was made by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance, and also comes in a PDF format if you prefer that.

Dr Malone has since appeared on Joe Rogan and various other shows to make the case that he is a top expert, and the people trying to silence him are psychopathic eugenicist monsters who are trying to kill children.

He didn’t exactly say it in those words, but plenty of other doctors and experts like Peter McCullough, Vladimir Zelenko, Mike Yeadon, and many more have said it exactly like that.

I said it like that six months before the vaccine was released, along with millions of other people, because Bill Gates told you they were going to reduce the population by ten to fifteen percent using vaccines.

It sounded crazy at the time, I’ll grant you, but pretty much everything we were fact checked and banned for saying turned out to be true.

It’s not as massive a depopulation as was predicted, at least not yet.

They’re dropping like flies though, healthy sports players dropping dead on the field, and even “the left” is starting to notice.

There’s no way to be certain of any numbers because they brag about having their puppets in all areas of government, media, celebrities, even religious leaders.

You see, that’s the division here, when a corporate criminal Bilderberg elite scumbag like Klaus Schwab says they “have” religious leaders, what that means is they’re using religion, as well as media and politicians to push their agenda of a totalitarian fascist one world government.

You will own nothing and be happy, except they just updated that, releasing a WEF video about the dangers of being too positive, and the benefits of being depressed.

You can’t make this crap up, and the people who still don’t recognize that it doesn’t make it any less evil when you play upbeat elevator music over the top of it, if they’re actively pushing this agenda, they’re basically an enemy combatant.

They definitely are if they have guns, like the police force, if they’re following orders to fine, attack and arrest those who go against the orders of these totalitarian psychopaths.

They’re admitting they’re pushing people to the limits of what they will tolerate before they form an army and wipe them all off the face of the earth, just to see where that point actually is.

The thing about that is, nobody knows. Some Aboriginal people in Australia set fire to old parliament house in a protest over their people being taken forcibly by the army to concentration camps.

It doesn’t matter if you call them quarantine camps instead. It doesn’t matter if you try to say it’s justified because the same amount of people died as died of the flu every year in Australia, while the flu just disappeared.

There’s no amount of gaslighting that can hide these crimes against humanity taking place, and like I said, just doing that much and making excuses for them is like being a Nazi collaborator because this is world war three.

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3 million protesting in Brazil

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