The Cure For Mass Formation Psychosis

Partially true, as always, except he is a vaccine developer, not an anti vaxxer, and he made the technology you plan to inject into your children, which he says will be more likely to kill them, and the psychosis is that you can’t grasp that concept.

What is mass formation psychosis? Well I did a Google search on it, because for some reason I’m still using that horrific censorship and surveillance technology.

It seems to be a fairly new term, although I’m sure it hasn’t just been invented in the last few days, and it probably wasn’t Dr Robert Malone who came up with it, but it is a post plandemic term for the most part.

My last post was about how he got censored from Twitter, and he talks about that and his appearance on Joe Rogan in this interview with Alison Morrow.

As he explains quite well, to anyone willing to listen to one of the leading experts in the field, there’s a bunch of scum who own most of the big pharma companies and the media, along with much of the government.

They like money, and they also want to get more power, while depopulating the world of useless eaters, and all of those things are verifiable facts.

You don’t have to accept all of those statements, but you would have to accept the first one, they definitely like money and they have been given the largest criminal fines for fraud ever, for putting their customers at risk to make a larger profit.

There is clearly regulatory capture, or corruption, where they have puppets who serve their interests in the FDA, the CDC, the WHO, like Bill Gates is the largest donor to the WHO, and he sells the vaccines.

Clear and obvious conflict of interest or corruption, and he bought off the media, the fact checkers, the academic institutions, he has the kind of money that he’s got projects in the works to block out the sun.

He is obsessed with power, he thinks it’s his role to control the population size of the world, and the amount of Co2 they produce, whether they eat beef, and whether they can gather in groups together or not.

He’s the kind of scum who says things like we won’t truly go back to normal until the entire world takes my product, and then takes it again and again, forever, and if you don’t, he and his associates will make your life a living hell.

They will censor you, fire you, deny you medical care, spy on you, make you wear ankle bracelets or have a barcode on your phone or tattooed on your arm, to track you like a product that they own, because they’re psychopathic megalomaniac monsters.

So that’s the power mad part of it. Somebody with the psychosis, brainwashed by their propaganda, might say that’s because there’s a virus going around.

That’s a bit like saying there’s a small group of nasty people smoking meth, so we need a cop on every corner doing full body cavity searches of everyone that walks by, to check they haven’t hidden meth up their ass.

Like I said in an email to my local state premier, the flu is the flu, you get the flu. The flu deaths just disappeared, and there’s about the same amount of deaths from covid.

Even if it was ten times the amount, which it isn’t in my country, it would not be worth trillions of dollars of our money, and the loss of all freedom forever, sucked into a totalitarian Orwellian nightmare with no end in sight.

That’s what they stole from us, and the willfully ignorant fools who have been brainwashed into this mass formation psychosis allowed them to steal that from us, to steal the children’s future, for the sake of people who were about to die anyway.

Anyone with any understanding of history knows that the people at the top are mass murdering eugenicists.

They killed hundreds of millions of people last century, forced sterilization, ethnic cleansing, torture, drug dealing, sex trafficking, all of it, and that’s a solid, verifiable fact.

You might want to give the benefit of the doubt to your local politician, or your doctor, or the media presenter you get your news from, but if they are under this mass formation psychosis, you can’t trust them, not at all.

I have been thinking for over a year that we may have to kill them all because their acquired mental illness is such a danger to the future of humanity, and talking to them seems like talking to a brick wall.

It’s like talking to a fundamentalist Christian, or a Muslim if you prefer, about how their religious leaders are actually Satanists, using religion to manipulate them, to enslave and kill millions of them.

That actually did happen, it never stopped happening, it’s been the way religion functioned from day one, you had the liars, telling the lies, and the gullible masses who believed them.

It requires faith to believe that they were hearing voices in their head, but also a lot of faith to believe that they were coming from God, or that their hallucination was any better than any other person hearing voices in their head.

You can try to explain this to people, there’s ten thousand “gods” why is your particular mass psychosis so special, but they won’t ever get it. They can’t ever get it, unless they admit they got scammed, and then their whole world view crumbles.

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