The Covid Narrative Is Unraveling

It was two or three doses per person, so the percentage with severe adverse reactions is at least double that, and they also didn’t report all of them, and they’re also lying weasel totalitarian scum, so it’s closer to 1% regardless of age.

To say that the covid narrative was unraveling would suggest that it wasn’t immediately exposed as fraud and treason by millions, but even the mainstream media is starting to show some signs of that.

The Australian government has said it will compensate almost a hundred thousand serious adverse events, which is approaching 1% of everyone who was eligible to take the shot and did.

Tell me again, can you get covid after risking this?

Unlike what the video said, they won’t be getting over $600,000 each, they get $5000 – $20,000 each, for such conditions as being in a wheelchair for life in extreme pain until the day they die.

They put a 12 year old kid in a wheelchair in the initial trial of thousands, her name is Maddie.

No fault says former strategy director for the WEF, Greg Hunt. No fault my ass you vicious terrorist piece of crap.

It’s hard to blame them for being dumb enough to take a dangerous experimental injection even though we warned them thoroughly, because half of those who took it only took it because they were threatened with losing their job, and not being able to go into stores or see their family.

Others might say they caved, and they should have formed an army (with the 3.5 million guns we have) and killed every last one of these totalitarian scum puppets.

But that’s probably not a popular enough opinion for it to work, at least not yet, because they don’t get it yet.

There were a million people protesting in the street, but the general consensus seems to be to remain peaceful, even though a second person set themselves on fire in protest in Victoria like they were Buddhist monks being invaded by China.

That’s how serious this is, and that’s why I’m saying violence is justified because they knew they were injuring people, they knew that the same amount of people died of covid as died of the flu every year, and the flu just disappeared.

Their argument was that if they didn’t spend a trillion dollars of our money and make the country into a dystopian Orwellian nightmare, the virus would have killed ten thousand old people, at about the same time as they were going to die anyway.

None of this stuff worked, so they will probably die anyway, and that’s almost a hundred million dollars per person, and the loss of all freedom, which is insane, no matter who they are.

The debate over masks by itself and the damage they are causing to children is serious enough to rise up in armed revolution, but the vaccines are a blatant, obvious, deadly attack.

It’s an attack on young people because they are more negatively affected by the “cure” than the disease, in a ratio that cannot be measured by data and numbers, they just ruined everything.

Australia is world famous as a totalitarian regime of censorship, surveillance, segregation, propaganda and police brutality.

My view is they need to find the people responsible, and kill them, in self defense, because they’re killing our children, and that’s actually perfectly reasonable, and even legally justifiable.

You could argue that it has to be done by the book, they should be tried in a court of law, but I don’t see that as possible.

Not only are the politicians and courts hopelessly corrupt, but the brainwashing and mind control has transformed about half the people into cult members, who cannot be reasoned with.

It’s happening in Canada as well, with Justin Trudeau saying people smart enough not to kill their children are racist and misogynist, threatening that they won’t tolerate their existence.

A member of an opposing political party called him a fascist psychopath, and that’s the nicest thing you could call him.

2021 was a year I spent watching almost nothing but videos detailing the crimes of these monsters, and it’s possible I’ve been in an echo chamber, but the things I saw are mostly solid facts.

I barely hear about other topics, but if you want a news story about something else, Scotland pardoned the witches they burned 400 years ago. Fat lot of good that does now.

No matter which way you look at it, they lied, they abused their power, they killed and injured children, they need to be held accountable for their crimes, and I think that’s inevitable, to some degree.

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