MSM Finally Admits They Lied To Scare People

The CNN viewer.

Interesting development in the last week or so, the mainstream media, the CDC, Fauci, and therefore pretty much all of them have been admitting things the “conspiracy theorists” were saying the whole time.

For example, the CDC director said that 40% or more of the “hospitalized covid patients” were not there because of covid, which Fauci also admitted.

She also said that 75% of those who died had four comorbidities, and we of course told you in 2020 that the CDC had said on their site 94% had comorbidities but it was fact checked then.

Nobody fact checks these people for lying or misleading people, but that’s the entire reason the fact checking network was set up by Bill Gates and co, and they mentioned it at the pre planning meeting, event 201.

Perhaps the reason they’re rolling back their fear campaign is that the more they talk about how bad covid is, the more we talk about how they attacked the world with it, and point to the videos of them planning to attack the world with biological weapons.

There are still a lot of people in the alternative media circles who still doubt there is a virus at all, or even that viruses exist at all.

I’ve heard the arguments put forward by people like Dr Andy Kaufman, and my opinion is that there has to be something because people catch colds all the time, but they don’t know how it works completely.

They can’t necessarily isolate a virus from all the other viruses and molecules in a sample and tell you this virus causes this disease, and the inventor of the PCR test called out Fauci for that during AIDS.

The Chinese CDC head said they did not isolate the virus, people have speculated that it’s 5G causing the symptoms or maybe poison slipped into the food or medicine, and I don’t know about that, but what is clear is they planned it, and they lied.

Reiner Fuellmich, a lawyer trying to prosecute them for these lies claims they are literal Satanists trying to depopulate the world, which is a fairly popular opinion that many scientists and experts have also been saying, which I agree with.

But the truth is coming out, even out of their own mouths, maybe because they realize nobody likes them and millions think they’re trying to genocide as many people as possible, which might be dangerous for their own survival.

I don’t know, and I don’t know if this is even a good sign, but what it does do is give us something to point to, even if it’s a bit late now and it was already proven anyway.

But it’s something, so that the fear mongering, mind controlled, cowering gullible sheep can stop calling us crazy conspiracy theorists, because we were right about those things, and we were right about the rest of it.

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One thought on “MSM Finally Admits They Lied To Scare People

  1. These monsters are the reason why our countries are dead. I say we start considering starting our own communities and stop relying on these zombies for everything.

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