Why Is The Mainstream Narrative Changing?

I mentioned in my last post how there seems to be a shift in the mainstream narrative towards telling the truth, for example the CEO of Pfizer said the two injections offered very little protection if any.

They’re printing articles about how people who have antibodies to the common cold might be partially protected against covid, it’s even in Forbes.

There has been an obvious shift, with people like Fauci talking about how kids went to hospital with a broken leg, they weren’t actually hospitalized due to covid, which paints a very different picture.

It may be that they’ve moved on from pushing the “vaccine” to every single person in the world and have shifted their focus to selling the booster, which requires the two shots not to work anymore.

However, when even the head of the WHO says that boosters should only be given to risk groups, and not to young healthy people, because it killed and injured millions of people, there’s a shift in the message.

I think the media tried to ignore the millions protesting in the street, however they couldn’t really ignore them, and maybe they got death threats from somebody who actually had the ability to kill them.

That’s the way I see this, they’re completely evil, and the only reason they would stop trying to steal all the money while killing millions of people is they think that they will be held to account for their crimes.

If not by the police or army, then by some random vigilante or a mob of angry people who figured out where they live, after figuring out what they were doing, for almost two years now.

That’s not unlikely by the way, there are violent protests going on in Amsterdam, Khazakhstan, Ukraine, they’ve beheaded police in some of these countries, according to news reports.

Things are different in other parts of the world, however if they continue trying to piss off anti vaxxers as French president Macron said, they may turn from soft, domesticated sheeple into hardened killers, and some of them are already like that anyway.

Don’t you just want to cut their heads off, gouge their eyes out and stick their heads on a pike? What did the CEO of Pfizer say again?

Most of the hardened killers work for the government, or their associated drug cartels and criminal gangs, but they aren’t necessarily loyal people.

If you annoy the wrong people enough, they’ll take you on, no matter who you are, and that’s why the strategy of pissing off ten to twenty percent of the population, and increasing the amount of people who are pissed off might not be working for them.

People went along with this crap because they were scared of getting sick, but mostly because they were scared their grandma would get sick, if they paid any attention.

Given the vaccines don’t stop transmission, the masks clearly don’t work, and the health officials are saying everyone will get omicron, no matter what they do, the only reason they would comply with any of this crap is because they’re just trying to avoid conflict.

However with about one in two hundred having serious adverse events from the shots, that means almost everyone is going to know someone who was injured.

They’ll know a friend of a friend, and with the announcement that the two shots didn’t even work to stop people getting sick, they’re going to be pissed off.

They already are, but there’s only going to be more of them, because there’s no way anyone who gets how corrupt and evil these bastards are will ever go back to trusting them once they get it, and so the resistance is growing, and they’re starting to retreat.

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One thought on “Why Is The Mainstream Narrative Changing?

  1. The CDC has abandoned the PCR, because it gives a 97% false positive. It also detects all of the thousands of different virus on the planet, even a head cold 2.5 months after it is over. Your fear can kill you… but not like the jab.

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