How Well Is The Covid Vaccine Working?

With the CEO of Pfizer coming out and saying the two doses of the vaccine offer very limited protection if any, (and then trying to copyright the video to censor it) people are asking, does the vaccine work at all?

I mean, I wasn’t asking that, I was saying it works great for depopulation purposes, they’ve almost killed the 65 million they said was a minimum of who would die from this plandemic at event 201, no matter what they did.

That’s probably ten to fifteen percent lower population growth, which was one of the goals stated by Bill Gates who was instrumental in funding the whole thing.

Still, there’s people who want to know about how effective it is, and according to this scientific paper, it caused people to die from covid at a higher rate after treatment began in 145 countries they looked at.

Causal impacts of the treatment on y (total deaths per million), ranges from -19% to +19015% with an average causal impact of +463.13%. Causal impacts of the treatment on y2 (total amount of covid cases recorded) ranges from -46% to +12240% with an average causal impact of +260.88%.

Researchgate study by Kyle Beattie

So anywhere up to and over a hundred times more deaths, and cases recorded in some of these countries, but very rarely, in a handful of countries, it actually got better after they took the vaccine, they said.

As we’re seeing athletes at the peak of fitness dropping dead on the field, reports of over a million serious adverse events in America alone, along with tens of thousands of deaths reported, some countries said it’s working.

The obvious answer is, no it’s not, they’re lying.

They’re stealing money from you as they kill you, and the countries that told you it worked in their data were simply more captured by the corrupt evil monsters who are perpetrating this genocide/robbery.

I find that numbers and studies can be used either way to demonstrate a point, but the main point is I don’t need this crap, nobody needs this crap.

The only way it works even according to them is if you take it every few months forever, and there’s every reason to assume it doesn’t work and is causing more harm than good, even from their own words.

Millions of us don’t need to hear any more, we didn’t need to hear anything about it to start with, it’s a con, it’s the flu, people get the flu, period.

Some people doubt that viruses even exist at all, or that they are contagious, and I’m not sure about that, but they never stopped the flu, they can’t.

If it’s a worse flu than normal, they are the ones who souped it up in the lab, you have to put them in prison, not listen to them as they tell you lies that make them richer.

It would almost be funny how horrifically evil and corrupt they are, how demented and insane they come across with all their “woke” bullshit, if it wasn’t for the fact too many people are going along with it, but with a bit of effort from all of us, that is changing.

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One thought on “How Well Is The Covid Vaccine Working?

  1. For the greater good of society all these guys need to be injected with the bio weapon and see them suffer. This is the only way we can get justice for those that have been maimed and killed. The only question is Are there men with balls in the world anymore or do the mothers have to get together to get justice for their children.


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