The Narrative Is Crumbling But They Keep Pushing It

You couldn’t help but notice that even the mainstream media are changing the way they report the news, finally admitting things like almost half the people they said were hospitalized with covid actually weren’t even sick at all.

However, even as they admit that they fudged the numbers and omicron is basically a cold, the vaccines don’t work, but it wasn’t that bad anyway, they’re still pushing the fear campaign and saying hospitals are overrun.

Yeah, overrun with vaccinated people who had their immune system destroyed and had horrific side effects from the shot, and also because thousands of health workers quit rather than take the poison.

I saw a couple of recent interviews with Reiner Fuellmich where he said the vaccine was a calculated, premeditated depopulation attempt and he’s going to try to get justice for these crimes along with Robert F Kennedy and his legal team.

His book The Real Anthony Fauci was the best selling book on Amazon, An0maly’s song was at the top of the Billboard charts, and he isn’t even well known for his music, so this is a large movement.

Another thing in the news is the Novak Djokovic deportation from Australia, which was because he has better immunity after having covid than the people who took the two shots which the Pfizer CEO said offers little protection if any.

Not even for that exactly, but because they thought it would encourage dissent if he was allowed into the country with his anti authoritarian attitude.

It’s like they’re making fun of people, testing them to see how much bullshit they will believe, seeing how dumb they are since they pumped the water full of neurotoxins.

In the awakened community, a lot of people have been called out as controlled opposition, however people like Joe Rogan are more popular than ever.

He has the most popular show despite them ganging up on him to try to get him censored, and he seems to be legitimately standing up against this power grab, or it looks that way to me.

I’ve heard doubts raised about Alex Jones, David Martin, Robert Malone, Dr Zelenko, Carrie Madej, Trump, pretty much all of them.

It’s not that they don’t agree with the general message most of the time, at least they’re not as bad as the mainstream narrative or “the left”, but it’s possible they’re working for the same people, or that’s what some people think.

People are paranoid that everyone is out to get them, and they’ve got good reason to think that way.

Because you can see how quickly the people in the mainstream media can switch to saying the same things we been saying overnight if it serves their agenda, and we’re still trying to work out how it does.

The alternative media seemed like they were telling the truth, about half the time, but there was also something fishy going on in a lot of it that I couldn’t really put my finger on.

I think it’s a good idea to take all of it with a large grain of salt, we might be headed for world war three, there is definitely some evil people messing with us, but the only power they have is in the minds of those who listen to them.

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