The Mass Murdering Drug Dealing Terrorists And Their Rules

It’s almost at the point now where I can say I told you so to the brainwashed, mind controlled sheeple who make up far too large a percentage of the population.

When I first heard them talking online about this obvious planned terrorist attack, saying the government are doing it for your safety, I couldn’t even believe that they believed it.

I thought half the time these people must be getting paid to hang out in these truther groups on Mewe and Gab and troll them with utter bullshit, because why else would they even be there?

Nobody could be that dumb to believe what I’m seeing on the mainstream media, when faced with the evidence I’ve seen, it’s like a parody of itself, it’s like a clown show, they must be paid to spread pro vax propaganda.

That was because I hadn’t really seen them in their masks, as my island of Tasmania was one of the last places in the world to “catch covid” meaning there are a few thousand cases of “omicron” now, apparently, no deaths.

I saw what happened in Victoria, one state away, and it was incredibly obvious that these communist/fascist terrorists had planned the whole thing years before they ever “discovered” this virus.

They marched into peaceful markets wearing full riot gear, because people weren’t wearing a mask, which doesn’t work, which they knew, and said on TV, just before they did that.

Here’s what you get on Google when you try to find Dictator Dan saying “A mask worn is a mask wasted” which he famously said.

Even the Bill Gates funded media like MSNBC and CNN, even the Fauci groupies are admitting everyone will get this virus and cloth masks are useless face decorations, now.

They say it’s because it’s omicron, and it’s more transmissible. Less deadly but more transmissible, (which by the way means it doesn’t matter if you get it), but the same basic logic applies.

It’s airborne, goes through the mask, and around it, not a chance in hell it ever really did anything, and they knew that.

They made laws in Australia to fine corporations $110,000 if they said masks worked during SARS, because they don’t, which they knew, and they knew it so well they made laws about it, calling it fraud if they said it.

The very same terrorist bastards shot rubber bullets into peaceful protesters, one hit a guy in the face and killed him, because they weren’t wearing the masks, which are seen by some as submission to lying mass murdering drug dealing terrorists, if you wear them.

That’s why people didn’t want to wear them, and that’s why they told you to wear them, because they wanted you to show submission to their lies, and their terrorist demands, no matter how insane and irrational they were.

It’s conditioning, it’s teaching you to be a slave, it’s teaching you to ignore common sense, your gut, your soul, and give in to the psychopaths, just to show that you were defeated, controlled, muzzled and broken.

However it didn’t go so well for them, the number of people who understood how evil they were got larger and they got more angry, and the propaganda that tried to demonize the anti vaxxers worked in reverse.

It exposed them as the same type of Nazi scum who persecuted the Jews in Germany, not that some Jews didn’t have their own problems, but that was mostly a different class entirely, the bankers.

Without getting into that again, what’s happened now is they’ve started a calculated retreat, they’re suddenly trying to appear more reasonable, and less psychopathic and totalitarian.

Only two possibilities of what happens next, they come back harder, with the same virus crap, or something else like supply chain breakdown, economic collapse, cyber attacks, or an actual war with Russia or China or Iran.

Or maybe they sink back into the shadows and hope that people just forget about all of this crap, so they can maybe avoid prosecution and execution for their crimes against humanity.

I can’t even believe they didn’t get killed to some degree, there’s so many people in the world, so much evidence of their crimes, and so much publicity about them. It’s sort of starting to happen in some countries.

A recent story in the news was a guy in Russia found out his friend was molesting his six year old kid, and he made him dig his own grave, and he avoided a murder charge, because the jury didn’t like pedophiles.

It would probably be a hung jury if they were asked to judge whether the crimes of these scum, many of whom are also pedophiles deserves to be met with a lethal response, taking “the law” into their own hands.

But it would be a hung jury. They would never unanimously find someone guilty of murder, for killing one of these monsters, who were knowingly complicit in these crimes, if they got a truly representative group of people.

If you took twelve random people, at least one of them would say these scum attacked us, on purpose, doesn’t even matter if they don’t believe they did.

Doesn’t matter if they thought they were “following the health advice”. They attacked us, brutally murdered us in large numbers, destroyed the entire world, and self defense is warranted.

It’s probably more like three or four of the twelve who would think that, and the longer and harder they push the brutal totalitarian propaganda, ruining people’s lives until they get injected with poison that injured millions and didn’t work, even according to the CEO of Pfizer, that number increases.

It’s hard to imagine a group being more demonized than pedophiles, but they are, and they deserve it, and much as they might try to make anti vaxxers into that persecuted, demonized group, they failed to convince the public, because they lied, and the lies are obvious.

At the Australian open for example, a ball boy keeled over, side effects from the vax, which made their persecution of the number one tennis player in the world look like exactly what it is, terrorism.

Murderous, evil, calculated, vicious, genocidal maniac level terrorism. So much worse than screwing a kid, which these people also do, and make ninety year parliamentary pedophile suppression orders.

It’s amazing they’re still alive, every day they do something new to piss us off, and they’re even saying that’s the strategy, to piss us off, after everything they did, and that should be enough to get them killed, but I guess we’ll see.

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