Are People Overreacting About The Covid Restrictions?

There’s two parts, (or more) to the covid restrictions that people might see a problem with, a problem large enough to be on the verge of world war three.

There’s the general medical misinformation: lockdowns don’t work, the masks don’t work, the tests don’t work, the vaccines don’t work, and they kill people. Anything that did work, they banned.

They definitely hurt people to some degree, usually worse than the virus those measures didn’t prevent people from getting. There’s possibly some reason to argue it the other way, but it’s highly debatable.

Then there’s the way they punished people for not following these irrational, experimental and controversial dictates by taking their jobs, not letting them shop in stores, or even see their own family.

That is likely to make a certain group of people who don’t agree get very angry and even violent, because when you take away their means of earning a living, they’re one step away from a life of crime, or anything really.

Some would say, well you should just take the vaccine, like some people would argue with drug addicts living on the street that they should just get a job, get out of our town, stop taking drugs, etc.

Totally opposite and different situation, but the point is, eventually they get so mad at being trodden on and treated like dirt, they might start robbing and killing random people for supporting those who made the laws that punished them.

You could die from taking drugs, you could die from a virus, most people eventually die from drinking, smoking and eating junk food. Heart disease, lung disease, cancer, obesity, etc.

My idea of freedom is that it’s your choice to take a vaccine or not take one, take drugs or not take them, and by making it so hard for those people who inevitably do, it quite often makes the entire situation worse, without changing the numbers much.

If you make a law that sends someone to jail for taking, (or refusing) drugs, then they get raped and brutalized in jail and join a gang..

Then they come out and start a murderous crime spree that kills them and a dozen other people, was it really their fault, or the law that caused that chain of events, over and over again?

Does it make a difference if the same people making the laws are the same people dealing the drugs? The CIA admits they “manage” the international drug trade and made deals with Al Qaeda and the South American drug cartels.

I heard story after story of people committing suicide over the psychological and financial strain of the last two years, but of course it wasn’t from the virus, that’s a bad flu, only slightly worse than the flu we always had, if it is even any worse.

I’ve seen armed militias saying on video if you come to poison me or my family with that crap, I’ll kill you, and they mean it.

When they take away jobs, travel, the ability to see family members, the ability for kids to go to school, that’s one step away from them holding you down and injecting you, and it is basically the same thing, if not worse.

Given that there are millions of people with itchy trigger fingers, demanding to be left alone by these totalitarian scum who attacked the world with biological weapons, and caused far more suffering with everything else they did, it might be wise for them to back off.

It might be reasonable to say if they don’t back off, they are not just responsible for making the virus in the lab and releasing it on purpose..

Needlessly causing trillions of dollars worth of financial damage, banning the cure and terrorizing the world with lies, they are also responsible for the war that follows.

I can’t say where and when they will snap and start shooting, or who they will shoot, but I can guarantee it will happen somewhere if they keep trying to piss these people off as Macron said was his goal.

Trudeau asked should we tolerate these people in our society? The obvious answer to that is should we tolerate you? One woman told him directly, you’re a traitor, we used to hang traitors here in Canada.

It’s hard to tell who the majority is, but one side is attacking, and the other is being backed into a corner, and they are being attacked for being natural human beings who didn’t take experimental poison that killed and injured millions of people and didn’t even work.

Perhaps that’s why they’re backing away, trying to look like they’ve defeated the pandemic, that they were successful in their medical interventions, by making up reasons to not test people and not count cases and deaths to cover up the failure of everything they did.

However the damage they caused is so great, nobody will ever forget what they did, or will ever forgive them, and there’s only one side who has been consistently vindicated about their “conspiracy theories” that were proven true over time.

There was only one side who heard Fauci say there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask, then saying you need two of them, then finally saying cloth masks, like the one he was wearing, are useless face decorations and noticed that, and said something.

One side has been proven to be willfully ignorant, easily manipulated, pathetic and stupid domesticated mind slaves, who ignored the obvious fact that what they were doing actually killed more people, and like I said at the beginning of all this, it was a test.

Not necessarily an IQ test, but a test of those qualities, more like a test of submission to authority, and perhaps now that they believe they weeded out the people with any integrity and common sense, they’ll move to the next phase of the genocide.

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They told you they were trying to reduce the population of the world, and it would be like trusting the fat kid to guard the cake to expect these drug dealing, war mongering globalist elites to do that in a moral way.

You can expect them to try to feed you propaganda that says they’re heroes, like every other genocidal tyrant in history, but they are the bad guys, and people weren’t overreacting, they didn’t react enough, in my opinion, but maybe there’s still time.

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