Transparently False Covid Misinformation

So omicron is a cold you say? They will forever point back to these people as possibly the most ridiculous morons the world ever saw.

Some of the best videos I’ve seen lately have been coming from Jimmy Dore who calls himself left wing, although he doesn’t agree with the mainstream media narrative on that side.

He talks about how left wing publications are beginning to admit they were wrong about such things as forcing schools to close, and if they been paying attention, that all masks were always useless face decorations.

The entire policy is all wrong, the experts were saying that the whole time, and if they got any sense they’re beginning to realize the experts were the people yelling the loudest that big pharma are the largest criminals in the world.

The danger was wildly exaggerated, the average age of death from covid was older than people usually die, and even the die hard Fauci groupies are beginning to realize it’s proven that they got lied to.

Fauci himself admitted the kids weren’t dying from covid, they were in hospital with a broken leg or cancer, they died from comorbidities if they died at all.

Healthy young people don’t die from the flu and this is just a bad flu, particularly if they took the treatments that actually worked, but they still aren’t getting it.

They’re saying this omicron variant is indistinguishable from a cold, less deadly than the flu, which it already was for young people, and pretty much everyone will get it.

The vaccines didn’t and don’t work, at least not for long, which everyone basically agrees on now, even the largest criminals in the world who are still trying to push them, obviously, but some people can’t understand that.

I was saying from the start, you get the flu, you don’t not get the flu, everyone gets the flu, these people, the largest criminals in the world are trying to steal trillions of dollars, while destroying everything in the process, for everyone, particularly children.

Two years later after those people themselves admitted that’s what they did, because they admitted the lies they told were in fact lies, half of these morons are still walking around wearing cloth masks, knowing they’re useless face decorations.

Misery loves company, or so they say.

It seems they’ve been brainwashed, terrorized, told that it’s racist and transphobic to be a normal human being who doesn’t kill their children with endless injections of poison.

It’s woke and inclusive, and reduces your carbon footprint if you suffocate your children to death with as many layers of breathing impediments as possible or ruin their lives to the point that they will hate you forever.

If this was something that almost everyone wasn’t doing, people would call it child abuse, and they did, even when most people were doing it, but only those with any sense.

My life changed forever after watching Vaxxed 2, for real.

The people without any sense, who actively ignored proven facts like kids don’t really get sick from covid, masks don’t work, lockdowns don’t work etc, they kept getting willingly brainwashed by the news funded by the largest criminals in the world.

Very important to call them that whenever you refer to Pfizer, largest criminal fine ever, a culture of ruthless profit seeking lying weasels who have a long history of fraud and injuring their customers.

I wish I was making that up, it would be good to be able to trust the experts when there’s a bad flu going around, but you can’t, the whole thing is corrupt, they’re completely evil and criminal, and that’s 100% verifiable, and proven.

Maybe there are some good guys who used to work there and left to tell everyone they were going to destroy democracy forever in this genocidal takeover of the world, like Mike Yeadon.

That was the former chief science officer of Pfizer telling you they’re murderers, they’re psychopaths, the only explanation for what they’re doing is they’re trying to depopulate the world, that’s some pretty harsh words from a guy who should know what’s actually going on.

Even among the “awakened” group protesting these horrific monsters, they still don’t understand that it’s that serious, they still don’t understand that we’re in a war, and it’s hard to shake a lifetime of brainwashing out of their heads, even for me as well.

When somebody is trying to destroy everything and kill everyone, you should logically kill them, and you should do that because even when these bastards plead guilty to what is effectively ongoing mass murder, they don’t go to jail, and they often keep doing it.

It’s not an easy task to give yourself, it should be a job for the police or the army, but the system is hopelessly corrupt, and cannot do something as simple as put proven murderers in prison.

Not when they’re the elite murderers, because the whole thing is set up to let them get away with murder, over and over again.

It’s possible to change that, but if the law still works at all, you can legally kill someone if they’re trying to kill you, or your family, even if you just have good reason to think they are, that’s called self defense.

They haven’t yet realized that the amount of deaths in young people under 65 just went up by about 50% as we see athletes dropping dead on the field by the hundreds on live TV.

They can’t really process it, but it’s already begun, the great culling is upon us, the warning was made quite clearly, the information was spelled out to the level a toddler should have been able to understand it, but they didn’t listen.

Some kind of cognitive dissonance, trust the science, wear a mask even when the scientists who lied to you tell you that masks don’t work, keep wearing it, in fact wear a plastic bag over your head, it’s really important that you do.

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