How To Reason With A Brainwashed Psychotic Nutjob

It’s hard to know where to begin if you’re trying to talk to a person like this, who loudly calls other people morons, while being so far beyond moronic, it’s like they been indoctrinated into a bizarre Satanic cult.

What has been confirmed, absolutely verified by both sides of the “debate” if there is any debate even allowed, is that the various different types of cold and flu, which now include these new variants of coronavirus are airborne.

What that means is they float in the air, they exist in air, which goes through the holes in masks, goes around the holes between masks and your face, and as they admitted, cloth masks don’t work and are useless face decorations.

For the same reason that cloth masks are, all of them are useless, because they’re not airtight, they don’t filter out all viruses, even if it was a well fitted n99 mask, that means 99% of millions of virus particles meaning that 1% get through, so it wouldn’t work even if people wore those masks, which would be impossible for everyone to do.

The mask mandates made a 1-2% difference in cities that implemented them in terms of cases and deaths according to the CDC study from last year, but the new variant is less dangerous than the flu for everyone, not just most people, and so it doesn’t even matter anyway.

The people who were scaring you with this crap, costing the world trillions of dollars and making everyone’s lives miserable have stated publicly that the two doses of the vaccine are now about 4% effective, the three doses are about 50-60% effective, but everyone will probably get the omicron.

When they say effective they mean it doesn’t work at all, they probably did some fudging of the numbers to try to stop it from looking like it’s more likely to kill you, because it is, that’s the truth.

It isn’t publicly acknowledged by people like Fauci that it is currently more likely to kill you, but he did say publicly before this death shot was released that it might happen, it might cause pathogenic priming, ADE, and that might kill more people.

It did happen, it is happening, but they haven’t admitted it yet, so when people finally discover that there’s a 40% rise in excess deaths among 18 to 49 year olds according to CDC data, they’re going to be pissed.

At least they will be if they ever find out that they were lied to, but they were also warned about the risks, even from the people doing the most lying like Fauci, but mostly from millions of people loudly yelling in the streets not to take this death shot.

He did say it’s possible this shot will kill more people than the virus, and with a 4% “efficacy” rate for the two shots, (not taking into account the third shot most people didn’t get), the 100,000+ deaths reported globally surely make it more likely to kill you than save you, when you add the millions of injuries like myocarditis, blood clots, etc.

No matter what age you are, but particularly if you’re young and healthy, it will be more likely to kill you, than save you, because it doesn’t work, and even if it had worked, it would have been a toss up whether it was better or worse than covid itself, but it didn’t work.

I feel as though I’m almost exclusively writing to readers who already know this, and who aren’t psychotic brainwashed lunatics, like those who brainwashed children in Canada that they should call the police if they see an unvaxxed person.

That they should encourage a totalitarian government to torture citizens if they don’t take a shot which is virtually 100% proven to kill and injure people, more than it saves them.

The only possible argument is that the VAERS reporting system is not reliable, and the tens of thousands of deaths aren’t proven to be caused by the death shot, which was predicted to kill millions, or even billions, even before it was released by countless experts.

This is true, it’s estimated to be ten to a hundred times larger numbers than what’s been reported, but if you were going to be a fascist state brainwashed lunatic, a totalitarian boot licking, demented reject from reality, you might ignore the similar reports from all over the world.

When they said it was 95% effective, that was very shortly admitted to be a lie, they’re not saying that number exists with any treatment, not even the ones that actually worked, all of which were banned in some places. Old people die, you can’t stop it, that’s why.

Long story short, you can try to show these people that it is confirmed and proven that every single part of this whole thing was a scam, a lie, a fraud, an attack, a waste of time, a waste of money, and it killed more people, by far.

If they are unable to logically see the holes in the story at all points leading to a rock solid conclusion that these people are the largest criminals in the world, further backed up by the criminal fines showing they already were, then they are by their willful ignorance guilty by association.

I understand they admitted to using CIA mind control techniques on these people. That doesn’t mean they can be excused from thinking.

The advisory group to SAGE in the UK admitted that and said it worked too well, but once you have a brainwashed fundamentalist terrorist, that person is dangerous, for life, whether it was their fault or not that they got brainwashed.

They can say all of the same crap about someone like me, except they’re wrong, and I’m right, which is proven by the proof I just laid out along with over a year’s worth of other evidence on this blog.

I’m not a soldier, I don’t have an army, but my view is that if there’s a war being waged on the truth, a war against the “right” side, as in the righteous side, (not the right wing side), the truth must win, freedom must win, and these criminals must lose, by any means necessary.

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