Holding Unacceptable Views

I was sort of expecting that once the Canadian Truckers Convoy got to Ottawa, something would happen, and it kind of did.

But Trudeau is in hiding, and they didn’t want to do anything violent, so it just made a point, in a pretty successful way, even if the mainstream media didn’t really report it.

It was one of the most moving events in the country’s history, and they surely see it as a win, and it inspired trucker convoys around the world.

For example, the Australian 2022 Official Convoy To Canberra Facebook page has nearly 100,000 members, more than Freedom Convoy 2022 which is probably mostly Canadian, but could be global.

I know that there’s various Telegram groups with tens of thousands of members in different countries, you might be able to find them with a search, but don’t forget the guy who owns that app works for the WEF.

I’m finding it hard to keep up with everything, even just in that one event in Canada, let alone everything else in the world, but it can be summarized. I think we’re turning the tide.

I think that they look so ridiculous saying the two doses offer 4% protection against omicron, (and by the time you take the third shot, there will be another variant), that it’s just about over once everyone hears what they already said.

Once everyone hears that Trudeau, Merkel, Putin, Jacinda Adern, the Australian health minister and many others were directly trained by the World Economic Forum Global Youth Leaders program, it’s gonna wake people up.

When the sheeple were saying there’s no evil global conspiracy, they aren’t reading off a script, they aren’t all working for Klaus Schwab to implement a new world order, a great reset, no that’s exactly what they said they were doing on video.

They said they were going to reduce the population using vaccines, and they explained why they were going to sterilize and exterminate the useless eaters, it was about the overuse of resources, which they call climate change.

It’s almost too much for me to believe that in almost every country, the death rate skyrocketed after the vaccines, and that they were made to kill people, and they are killing people, right now.

This coward isn’t going to hide forever, faking the flu.

That’s not what they’re saying, and the thing about that is they captured all the countries of the world and their regulatory agencies and the media.

Boris Johnson, Joe Biden, Fauci, Bill Gates, the NIH, the WHO, the FDA, the CDC, it’s all captured by the globalist cult, so if they tell you any scientific data, it’s likely wrong.

The real battle isn’t waking up half the population to the fact that these people are evil, it’s going to be convincing half of the police and politicians and public servants to go against this powerful group.

Their lies are that obvious that they can’t keep up the show that there’s a medical reason for all these mandates and restrictions.

Too many doctors exposed it, but if the police don’t stop enforcing the mindless totalitarian tyranny, then I guess we’re at war.

We are at war, we have been at war for two years, the young men (and old men) are dropping on the field alike, but the prevailing opinion is that you can’t fight city hall, and that’s the mindset that needs to be broken.

Even among those who support this group, many of them still have ingrained in their mind that they’re not “doing the right thing” because they’re protesting laws and the people that make them.

It’s sad, because they’re almost there. If they can get ten percent of the police and army and intelligence agencies to switch sides for real, and kill these terrorists, then they’re dead.

Even in a few days, they can find where they live, and take them out, all of them, fairly easily, if they were using the machine itself.

They didn’t hide who they were and what their allegiances were, and there’s plenty of people who say the same things as them, but at the top level, those in on the plot who planned the plandemic before it happened, that’s a handful of people and they’re mostly well known.

They aren’t going away you scum, you asked for it.

The scary part is of course what if it goes wrong, what if I get put in jail for life for trying to overthrow the government? (The people at the top aren’t even the government and they are proven criminals).

Have you seen the world the way it is? The way it actually is, all over the world? It’s a prison. You are in jail. Grow some balls and kill these scum or you will wish you had, guaranteed.

That’s the way I see it, and I was saying it a decade ago, but I’m not the one with the guns and I guess it’s easy to say.

I never seen a gun in my life, that wasn’t on a policeman, that’s about how unarmed I am in Australia, (less than ten percent armed civilians), but it’s pretty easy to tell that a cop has the power to do almost anything, even as an individual.

I seen so many movies about dirty cops that are based on reality, but if they decided to break the law for the people, as opposed to for the criminal cabal of drug dealing global mafia, then they could get away with that quite easily, from what I can tell.

I’m responding to the threat of a reported increase in deaths in young people so devastating you can literally see them dropping like flies on TV, as much as they’re trying their best to hide it, and it’s possible they faked that too, but why would they?

Some might say well they chose to take the vax, they should have known better. Really? No, they were given the choice of being jabbed, or losing their job, their freedom and even their life, it was premeditated mass murder.

Premeditated like over ten years ago they were planning the pushback to their authoritarian world takeover based on a virus.

The only people who didn’t see event 201 as the final pre planning meeting just before the release of the bioweapon they planned to release are brainwashed cult members, or maybe people who don’t believe viruses exist.

For all I know, they don’t, but they still planned the whole thing, and it’s right up there with any crime against humanity ever committed.

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It wouldn’t be the right time to use violence if they weren’t actually planning to use violence, but Trudeau needs to go.

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