Freedom Convoy To Canberra Continues

This was some footage from the National Press Club in Canberra, they were protesting outside as Scott Morrison was giving a speech inside.

This retarded totalitarian psychopath monster from hell said he should have put the military in charge of the vaccine rollout earlier, because of omicron, which is a cold, indistinguishable from the common cold.

Just have a think about what that means, using the military to inject people with poison that injured well over 100,000 people, while they admit themselves that two doses are only 4% effective against omicron.

“If I had my time over, I would have put [the rollout] under military operation from the outset, and not later in the year,” he said.

What does that mean you psychopathic scum weasel? Does that mean you’d kidnap children by force, take them to concentration camps and inject poison into their eyeballs?

Is that how you like to attack people, you pedophile piece of crap? You horrible, horrible person. It’s hard to believe they get away with what they do.

In contrast to Scomo, Trump came out and said “we are with those great Canadian truckers all the way” which doesn’t really make up for the lies he told about the death shot, but it’s a start.

They’re up to the third or maybe fourth day of protesting in Canada now, and it’s a similar story here in Australia, they aren’t going home until they get some sort of result.

I’m writing this post in the morning of day three of protests in Canberra, you can get regular updates from Reignite Democracy Australia, they been doing some good videos.

There’s also plenty of different posts on the Facebook page 2022 Official Convoy To Canberra which now has 165,000 members. Not bad hey?

It’s hard to quantify just how sick of covid most people are.

Sky News Australia is fairly mainstream news, but they’re talking about the Canadian freedom convoy protests, and about how “media” is ignoring it, so I guess they’re trying to look like they aren’t the media.

In Canada one guy said they were using language in the media that paints the protesters as terrorists, and they need to be careful to avoid something like January 6th in the USA.

They are incredibly obviously evil as hell, and they didn’t convince people by saying dumb shit like the protesters are all racist Nazis, but just because they didn’t convince people doesn’t mean they won’t keep saying it.

Even though it doesn’t convince people when they say that stuff, people still repeat it, because they’re either on board with allowing themselves to be lied to by these scum, or they’re not.

If they decided to side with the state and think that the anti vaxxers are racist bigots who are transphobic white supremacist science deniers, then they’ll repeat that, even if they don’t even believe it themselves.

If you paid any attention at all you would understand that they admitted the masks and the vaccines don’t work, or they at least half admitted it.

They said that cloth masks and two doses of the Pfizer shot don’t work, but you should take the booster and then the fourth shot when the third one doesn’t work.

It’s obvious, and it’s getting more obvious, and the UK and other European countries dropped their restrictions, but it’s going to take a little bit more convincing them in some parts.

The general opinion is these criminals need to be arrested and executed for their crimes, wasting trillions of dollars of our money and putting us all through hell when it turns out we were right and you get the flu, you don’t not get the flu.

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