A Horrible, Horrible Person And A Complete Psycho

People are turning up from all around Australia, mostly from the surrounding states with a large protest scheduled for Saturday.

It’s hard to get a good feel of what’s going on with the ongoing Freedom Convoy to Canberra.

I was going to try to cover it, but it’s not like you can look at it on the mainstream media news, or you will get a very biased description of it.

Real Rukshan (who was famous from the Victorian protests), turned up at the camp grounds, and Avi Yemeni is there, and most of the famous people in the Australian protest movement, Dave Oneegs, Romeo Georges, they’re all there, most of them.

Saw a good interview with a guy who said he quit his job and sold his house, not because he can’t get a job, but because he heard that with the digital ID system that’s coming, they’ll just take everything anyway.

Here’s a guy walking around the campgrounds showing you what that’s like, people giving away free food and water, to anyone who bothered to show up.

Beating up an 80 year old man, for no reason.

Then out of nowhere, they beat up a bunch of people because they were trying to issue parking fines, which everyone had already agreed to accept.

If the people who turned up hadn’t agreed to be non violent, and turned up with guns, maybe the cops would be dead, and maybe that would be a good thing.

Just trying to help you imagine what would happen if tens of thousands of people with guns decided all at once to kill the much smaller amount of Canberra cops, they’d be dead, and not the other way around.

The alternative media shows people surrounding the police and showing remarkable restraint in not killing every last one of their number of 690, (Freemason coding), which includes women, while the mainstream media shows the police as vastly more powerful.

Some people can’t really imagine that because they’re so well trained, to pepper spray little boys and old men in the face for no reason without even wearing body armor.

But they look like cops, the people look like people, no matter how much they try to identify them and track them, and a smaller group of serious armed civilians could kill them all, or at least make a dent, there’s less than a thousand cops in the ACT.

If they had full body armor, semi automatic weapons, teams showing up at a particular location at a particular time, they’d still have less chance of winning in the long run.

If just 1% decided to kill them, even just 1% of the people turning up from all over Australia, they’d be dying, for sure, so they don’t want to overplay the tough guy act.

There are a lot of women and children turning up so I hope there isn’t a massive civil war, but who started violence? The police.

I want to make that point clear because the power of the people comes from having guns, it’s an important part of negotiation and one that America is never going to forget after seeing what happened in Australia in particular.

Mutually assured destruction, or the likely death of some or all of your side if a war happens, keeps some sort of balance of power, and the threat must go both ways, it’s not even a negotiation if it doesn’t.

People never really learn because of the propaganda but yes cops are foot soldiers of Satan, the literal Satanists who run the world.

Based on our 26 million people, or globally 8 billion people, they got serious problems if nobody trusts the mainstream media propaganda, and they were caught in a whole bunch of lies, very obviously.

Don’t just assume that if the police decide to use violence the people will die and that’s it. First you would have to count on the police themselves going along with it, and they’re brainwashed dumb thugs, but there’s always been limits to that.

If they start mass murdering protesters like Tiananmen Square or anything approaching that, the Australian people are not completely unarmed with 3.5 million guns in the public and they can defend against an attack because we are not going to be China.

The propaganda that convinces people the fallen soldiers fought and died for our freedom doesn’t work if they are clearly doing the exact opposite.

The actual soldiers themselves won’t fall for it, and will instead fight for the freedom of the people like they were told they were going to be doing when they joined the army.

About 5% of Australian households has guns, (about four for each license holder), but that number outnumbers them significantly when push comes to shove and it’s getting to that point if they don’t back off like they did in the UK already.

I don’t want to say all police are totalitarian Freemason terrorist scum, they only are if they follow orders blindly without any thought for freedom and human rights, at the decrees of what are described by their own kind as horrible people.

Yeah, it was a member of Scott Morrison’s own party, Gladys Berejiklian who had herself resigned for corruption who called him a horrible, horrible person and a complete psycho.

So if they listen to and protect these criminal scum, doing what they’re doing, then that is what they are as well.

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They are criminal scum who bleed red like we do, and like we have this last couple of years of evil authoritarianism which never had anything to do with a flu.

Don’t forget that, and if the cops want to make a better name for themselves, they’re going to have to earn it back, by arresting the real criminals, most importantly, in their own organization.

There’s only so many times people can get smashed for standing up for their freedom not to be injected with poison and still virtue signal that they’re not killing the scum doing it.

So Much Honk!

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