The Freedom Convoy Never Reaches It’s Destination

Just got another 30 day Facebook ban for commenting on a Facebook live of the freedom convoy protest in Canberra.

I said premiers must hang, it’s about the 16th time I been banned now. I lost count, but I just keep forgetting and I don’t really care.

Almost everyone thinks they should hang, if they actually know what they did, particularly the worst of them.

I wonder if they notice that banning millions of people just radicalized them more as they all joined groups on sites like Mewe, Gab, Minds, Gettr, Telegram, Parler, and more.

When they got there, they usually found out everything they didn’t already know about these crimes against humanity.

I wonder if it dawned on them that if they wanted to create a radical “fringe minority” group who wanted them dead, or brought to justice by any means necessary, that would be exactly the way to achieve that most effectively.

Yesterday I was watching a Real Rukshan live video showing a team of thugs with attack dogs pushing a lady to the ground in front of her kids for no reason as they cleared the library campgrounds next to parliament house in Australia.

They had to protest at old parliament house today, but they did turn up, and there was a great speech by Graham Hood where he said something like I place this group under the protection of God and all his angels with swords drawn.

Then there was a speech by Riccardo Bosi and he said he wanted 5 million to show up.

To be honest I was a little bit disappointed with the whole thing, it was nothing like the feeling from the Canadian truckers convoy as they were honking up a storm in such huge numbers.

I just submitted an appeal to my Facebook suspension which basically said Klaus Schwab thinks people will soon have computer chips in their brain that read their thoughts so the government can control them better.

He’s a transhumanist totalitarian psychopath who says we will own nothing and eat bugs and weeds.

He planned the plandemic years in advance, out in the open, and all these governments are captured by the WEF.

I could go on about all that, but if you don’t know at least half of that stuff already you been actively trying not to find out, as opposed to not trying hard enough to find out.

Watch the videos, there’s always something new in them if you want to stay up to date.

My opinion is the top level perpetrators need to die, or go to jail, something needs to happen to them for sure.

If they don’t, the entire society is permanently screwed, and if the police won’t do that, they need to be pressured into doing that with force if necessary.

Because there’s way too many of us for them to succeed in jailing all of us, and we won’t ever forget or forgive these serious crimes.

No way in hell you can cover it up, it’s completely proven, just about everything us “conspiracy theorists” were saying because it was just the truth, the obvious truth.

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