I Believe That We Will Win

It’s been really inspiring to see the world standing up and fighting for freedom by the millions, even while others are still begging for their rights to be taken away.

But we aren’t finished yet, there’s still a long way to go, because they’re still pushing that endless booster crap, even as Israel shows the worst case numbers in the world after four shots.

This is what the inside of your brain looks like if you wear a mask.

It’s not even close, the studies show the shot works in reverse and makes you more likely to get sick, which is partially admitted even by the CEO of Pfizer himself.

When they said 95% effective, that was simply a lie, or if you prefer it was before they discovered that it doesn’t work, and it’s so much more important than whether it does or doesn’t work, but it doesn’t.

From the beginning the argument I was making was you can’t spend trillions of dollars of our taxpayer money to take away our freedom to work and go to school, because the flu is the flu, or maybe a little worse, this year.

If you don’t know, the flu describes a range of constantly mutating viruses which include coronaviruses, they haven’t even nearly discovered them all.

Where I’m at in Australia, they spent about half a trillion dollars because the same amount of people died as died of the flu every year.

My opinion is that if you didn’t see through this whole thing on day one, you’re an idiot, but mainly you just don’t get what type of people they are.

Half a trillion dollars of our money to drive Victorians to the point where one in ten of them seriously considered suicide, while the rates of suicide and self harm increased by around 50%, along with various other societal harms, to achieve practically nothing, at all.

John Hopkins just released a study that said lockdowns made a 0.2% difference in the spread of the virus, which adds to the CDC study that showed masks made a 1-2% difference.

If you don’t get why that means it didn’t and doesn’t work for stopping the spread of a virus, you’re not all there, because as they’re all saying, everyone will catch this cold, no matter what they do.

They don’t know enough about it to call it omicron, and if they do know, then they’re psychopaths if they have any other opinion except people do catch a cold sometimes, it’s no big deal, but the big deal is what they did to the world.

Hard for people to comprehend how much we were lied to. They were saying that if we hadn’t had totalitarian tyranny unlike any seen before in the history of the world, we would have lost thousands, even millions more people.

Except none of that stuff worked, and they knew it didn’t work, and they lied about it knowingly, while they drove our kids to suicide at a cost of trillions of dollars.

I’m saying if you can prove that they knew that they were destroying all those lives for practically no reason at all, you should kill them, no questions asked.

Off with their head, because that level of criminal psychopathy is such that you can’t allow them to survive, regardless of how many agree with that assessment or not.

It’s too dangerous for everyone to allow those sort of psychopathic monsters to survive and stay in that position of power because that would be inviting the same again, or worse.

It was a crime against humanity, it is an ongoing crime against humanity, it killed more people than it saved, and they knew it would because they knew they were lying, which is proven, on so many levels.

Absolutely 100% certain, and continually verified with further evidence of their knowledge of their crimes, which means it’s self defense to kill them if somebody won’t arrest them, because they’re killing us, literally.

I seen these police and similar statist sheeple act like robots with mass formation psychosis as you try to tell them these people are murderers, they’re psychopaths.

They’re Satanists, they’re pedophiles, this is proven, I’ve got the proof right here, and they just ignore it.

This in itself is a crime, but given the widespread cancer of that mindset, you cannot trust them to come around to the conclusion that these monsters must be brought to justice, it’s at the stage where any and all action is justifiable, and already was a long time ago.

I know that the people organizing the worldwide freedom protests have said they want to keep it peaceful, but I would argue that you can’t win a war without using force at some point.

You don’t necessarily have to use violence, like police don’t usually use violence to arrest people, but they do have the guns to back up their authority, and they’re not the only ones who can do that, anyone can.

As Graham Hood explained in his speech in Canberra about our Australian system in particular, the entire thing is invalid.

It was supposed to be based around the authority of the queen of England, and it isn’t, so it isn’t really the law.

The entire law in this country isn’t actually legally legit at all, so if you wanted to pretend to be a cop, that’s exactly what they’re doing anyway because they have no authority based on the actual law.

It’s a little more nuanced than that, but not really. They’re criminals, they’re a criminal gang, a corporate entity ruled by evil bastards who have no authority to do anything, other than what authority they take by force.

Even if the law was based on the queen of England, it would still be the exact same situation anyway and I heard similar arguments like that made about the constitution and the bill of rights in various countries.

It’s good to see people standing up for freedom, but if we can’t convince them to take action on these proven crimes, and get an investigation or some arrests, then the people need to take the world back with force in my opinion.

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