How To Convince A Man He’s Been Fooled

I can’t tell you how many examples I’ve seen, of the evidence that this biological attack was planned, and is killing people as it was planned to do.

It was a little fishy when a biological weapons expert came out in the first few days and said he was pretty sure they made the virus in the Wuhan lab, although it seems they did, and they lied to cover that up.

When the ex chief science officer of Pfizer says the way they’re rushing the vaccine, there’s nothing else they can be doing but trying to depopulate the world, that’s when it becomes obvious something is seriously wrong.

It’s obvious because it’s all the most important people speaking out, like the most published cardiologist in the world, or the inventor of mRNA himself, both doctors labeled as misinformation by a mainstream media the majority of people agree is the enemy of the people.

The way I saw it, Bill Gates told you he was going to reduce the population using vaccines over a decade ago, about the same time the Rockerfeller Foundation’s scenarios document was released.

It probably took that long to get it right, and they had to be transparent to some degree, like they need to make it public they’re going to kill people if they can’t get away with hiding it.

The way I see it, they turned the left into a caricature of degeneracy, idiocy, totalitarianism, drugs, violence, ridiculous social conditioning, and at the same time tied that group to vaccines with the media.

Why? Because the plan was to sterilize and exterminate the imbeciles, and they wanted to make it incredibly clear that you were a moron if you took this thing.

No offense to the doctors who themselves fell for it, but it doesn’t work, it injured millions and killed tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, nobody even knows how many, and that’s enough, but some morons still need convincing.

They use it as a reason to silence free speech which is a very dangerous threat to democracy and freedom forever, especially since what they are censoring is that this horrible poison is poisoning people like it was designed to do.

It’s hard to tell if retards like Neil Young are bought by Blackstone along with their music or if they’re just a good example of why imbeciles like that are useless eaters who should be sterilized and exterminated.

It sounds like I’m joking, but no. I’ve been watching the first day of the Grand Jury, a self organized international criminal hearing with Reiner Fuellmich and countless others giving evidence on these crimes against humanity.

It’s so heavy the only thing you can do is try to see the funny side, but people personally affected by this massive evil plot are not laughing.

Klaus Schwab looks like a cartoon super villain, the entire thing sounds crazy, and it is crazy, but it’s when people are crazy that they’re more likely to kill you, and that guy is the real deal, if he isn’t himself a puppet.

Given the staggering amount of evidence that I’ve seen it’s sad and pathetic that anyone is denying that there was a globally organized plot to limit freedoms and lie about the dangers of a virus to take over the world.

They appear like casualties of war with their acquired mental disorder, wearing a mask or whatever, acting like they’re scared of getting a mild cold that everyone will get, even according to them.

They don’t see it yet, even though it’s impossible to miss, the masks don’t work, everyone knows they don’t. It’s proven they don’t work, but it never mattered if they did, how could it if they don’t?

Just based on that alone, they failed the test, they show no ability to think for themselves, and in my view are visibly branded, an imbecile.

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