Every Day Until The Bitter End

Sometimes I feel that Stranger Than Fiction News is too much of a black pill, or it seems so sensational and insane that people assume it can’t really be happening.

Something in the delivery, but what he’s saying about a biological weapons attack on all of humanity is just the news, or that’s the news that’s only being reported in alternative media, and it’s all confirmed and verified.

I got my last ban for saying these people must hang. I think people are starting to get the gist when they hear over 50,000 trucks honking for a week or more in just one city.

For example, there was a Johns Hopkins study that showed that lockdowns only reduced covid mortality by 0.2%.

It didn’t have zero beneficial effect at all to lock down different places, but it didn’t ever seem to be anywhere near 10% benefit, let alone the 90% or higher the brainwashed masses seemed to assume it had.

0.2% overall difference is what they said, and that’s still disputed by different studies, but what has been studied fairly carefully is all the other harms of doing anything like what they did when looking at the big picture.

Self harm, suicide, obesity, drug use, delayed medical procedures, lost jobs, lost businesses, damage to the economy that caused in the worst cases, the starvation deaths of millions of children, baring in mind the world is not the West.

So they killed millions of young people and cost us trillions of dollars for little to no benefit to mostly old people, which they knew they were doing the whole time because we were yelling it at them loudly by the millions?

No, they killed millions of children, and old people with the biological weapon they made in the lab and released on purpose.

Along with the plan they had in the works for a decade, to kill people, while making money and gaining more power, because that was the plan.

It’s a depopulation operation, they’re trying to kill people, they’re trying to work out how many people they can kill before people kill them.

It’s turning out to be quite a substantial amount of millions of people they can kill before people kill them and they made trillions of dollars and took almost all freedoms.

It’s similar to how it was a substantial amount of children they can have sex with before anyone even says anything about it, it was just something they always did, but it was usually just somebody else’s problem.

They’ve been committing genocide and supporting psychopathic puppet dictators in Iraq, Iran, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Syria, Lybia, Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala, etc.

You could make a list that goes on all day, and it was basically the same globalist criminals who did all of that as well.

It didn’t seem to bother people all that much when they heard about the CIA torturing people in the school of the Americas to create violent puppet dictators who sold drugs for the cabal, or if it did, not that many people paid attention.

It’s a lot different when it’s your country, your people, your democracy being stolen, and your human rights that are at stake, and the difference now is it’s everyone, in every country, extremely obviously.

I think we’ve established that Trump is controlled opposition, but he did at least support the freedom convoy, so that’s something.

Whether you call them the CIA, the WEF, the UN, the bankers, the globalists, it is a very centralized singular group who hold the power to shape global politics, by their own admission.

So when Klaus Schwab brags that he has captured governments around the world and trained global leaders for years, including Putin, Merkel, Macron, Trudeau and pretty much all of them, what he’s saying is:

The same people who trained sixty thousand South American puppet dictators in torture and oppression trained all of our leaders, and back then they trained them to torture the families of leftists for information, if you thought communists was what they are.

They don’t have an ideology, other than greed is good, force is order is power is money for us, it’s collectivism. Giving up their autonomy to Klaus Schwab to gain the power he has amassed in the Borg collective.

Working for his non government organization, an unelected organized crime gang with a leader who resembles a real life Bond villain in every way.

Words, actions, accent, everything, he’s an evil conquering bastard and nobody could possibly mistake him for anything else.

Democracy is no longer a thing, you will own nothing and you will be happy or else. The “left” isn’t dumb enough to fall for that, and they didn’t, not really.

Now you are run by drug lords who deal drugs and force you to buy them and who make decisions to wipe out vast numbers of the population on a whim. Now is the time for a great reset.

Or to put computer chips in their brains to read their thoughts, to breed humans to be smaller to save Co2, or make them allergic to eating meat so they can eat bugs instead, or whatever the experts decide is best.

People didn’t wake up soon enough and say OK, these people are insane, being raised in the elite class with as much drugs and sex with children as you want probably drives you mad, and they’re definitely mad, what you gotta do is say no.

You say no, that’s a bad psychopathic pedophile. Just because you got millions or even billions of dollars, that does not mean you can get anything you want at any time.

It doesn’t mean you can get away with murder, or treating all the other laws as if you were trying to break them all. We will kill you, surely somebody will if they’re going to behave like that.

But when was the last time you heard of a rich elite being killed or going to jail for their crimes? Epstein died in jail, wasn’t really an elite himself, he was Mossad or something like that.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that nobody is killing them, I’m sure they have security and a plan for what to do if that happened, I just doubt it would work against a decent number of people, especially if some cops switched sides.

This is in my view what needs to happen, we will reach the time for a last resort, if we haven’t reached that point already and the guilty need to see justice.

I’m sure that if you own the police and governments and intelligence agencies of the entire world, which as I explained they literally do, that might help you to avoid threats, but I still don’t see how they will avoid it when people find out what they’ve been doing.

This was a test to see who would go along with a scam more obvious than phishing emails from Nigeria just because it was the government, and most people failed to some degree.

Sure, what they always did, they were always responsible for crimes against humanity, starting wars for weapons profits, massive complicity in the crimes of all governments on earth and the criminal gangs they worked with.

But this time it’s crimes against everyone on earth, all at the same time, without even having any excuse at all other than pretending it didn’t happen, which isn’t working.

No matter how much you want to try to excuse all of that, it can’t be done, the fact checkers are corrupt liars, funded by the people they’re lying for, it’s plain as the nose on your face.

Even those people making excuses for these elite sons of bitches who plotted our demise are guilty enough to hang for what they did and it won’t be long, the truth is already out there.

People have a hard time accepting they are monsters who set out to destroy us, but it was proven from the start, and their history is never ending criminality.

The only thing that happened over time is more people woke up and saw what they did, which is just too obvious once you’ve seen it, and that’s why it will continue to go in that direction, because it’s the truth.

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