The Incredibly Obvious Lies Of Totalitarian Scum

I always used to question authority, however years ago it was more like if you looked really hard, you might find some good reasons to question the narrative.

They lied about Saddam having weapons of mass destruction, that was a pretty big one, and a pretty obvious one, but now it’s like they do something that bad or worse, almost every day.

They lie through their teeth and demand you stay silent about their lies and crimes or else they’ll silence you even if you’re the president of the USA.

Something has shifted, very obviously, towards complete totalitarian criminality, in the style of a country like China, but almost universally, around the world.

It’s not just that they tell you what to do, that might be OK if there was a shared purpose that everyone was united in trying to achieve by following the rules, if it was something they could understand, but most people are over it.

Building back better, the great reset, that sounds like death and destruction. It sounds like financial ruin, eating bugs and weeds and being injected with experimental poison that was made to depopulate on purpose.

You will own nothing and be happy, if they can invent a new type of anti depressant and put it in the water supply without your knowledge or consent, and by the way there’s all sorts of things in the water right now, whether they’re meant to be there or not.

That’s the sort of people they are, that’s the sort of future they’re building, nobody likes them, nobody trusts them, the only reason people are on one side of politics is they hate the other side, if they don’t just hate the whole thing.

If they’re not part of the elite class who benefit from this hostile world takeover plan, or if they don’t imagine themselves as part of that elite class, then they’re screwed, like the majority of people in the world.

It is not inclusive or equity to starve millions of children to death with lockdowns which had no positive effect at all in the long run, it’s murder, torture, genocide, crimes against humanity.

It’s over a quarter of a billion people pushed to the verge of starvation in what is already a great depression based on the numbers devastated by what they already did, which still has inflation and supply chain consequences yet to be felt by the first world.

The most obvious problem with them saying it reduces symptoms is there’s no way to prove it, and since we proved they’re total liars, there’s no way to prove anything.

Because they didn’t attack us with traditional weapons, but biological weapons, propaganda, AI censorship and mind control, tracking, tracing, toxic injections and all that, people don’t understand that we’re already in world war three and they meant to use these things as weapons.

People don’t see the danger, they’re not responding to a violent threat, but they literally killed more people than Hitler was accused of killing in the gas chambers of Nazi Germany.

They use those numbers of people they also killed to claim it’s vital you give up all rights and submit to their medical tyranny, which didn’t work even according to them, but more realistically works in reverse to produce negative results in every aspect of this evil scam.

The concentration camps in Australia are rumored to have an air tight gas hose connecting all of them, and I won’t bother to try to confirm that the camps were made to be death camps, I’ll just point out I have every reason to assume they were made for that purpose.

I have every reason to assume they made the virus in the lab, released it on purpose, gave people poison in hospital to kill more of them than would have died, and are going to continue poisoning people with poison that kills them because they’re trying to kill them.

The totalitarian nonsense like the cancelling of Joe Rogan for having some expert doctors on who told the truth, in the face of these proven lies, just shows that the people in control have gone full blown totalitarian psycho.

Full communist retard, or full fascist retard if you prefer, just incredibly obviously evil. Totalitarian and merciless, murdering people for the profits of the elites, but more likely, just for the purpose of depopulation.

The justification of making money for the richest people in the world doesn’t convince me, even though they made trillions more, and they like having more power, but that’s also not a good enough motivating factor for the risk they’re taking.

This is the great culling, they either believe that millions of people need to die to save the world from climate change or to save resources, or they just want to kill people because they’re psycho killers, eugenicists, Satanists, or whatever.

That’s my assessment, the new world order is not just about total submission to brutal authoritarian dictators because they’re on a mad power trip, but it’s a plan to gain that kind of power so they can do something people really won’t like, such as wiping out half the world’s population.

They don’t need that kind of power to make money, they don’t need it just to get their kicks as narcissist bullies, they want us dead, and that is what the experts said.

I got thousands of them testifying in an international criminal trial who agree with that assessment, such as the ex chief science officer of Pfizer, 17,000 doctors in the AFLD group, all of them saying they banned the cure, it’s murder.

It’s almost too obvious, like it’s too out in the open how evil this plot is, like they wanted you to know they were doing it, however there’s a simple reason they might have wanted you to know: they weren’t trying to kill everyone, just some.

It looked to me to be a psychological test of who was dumb enough, and who was compliant enough, to go along with something they knew was wrong.

Based on their tests, they can make a guy say a picture of a banana is an apple, if everyone else says it, only because everyone else said it was, and that works a significant percentage of the time, when it should never work.

There’s something wrong with people who will ignore their own mind when it’s something that obvious. They’re just liars, and they know they are. Maybe they have low self esteem or something.

In that case participating in an obvious lie doesn’t kill anyone, but when they’re doing it with our health, it does, so I hold them accountable, and the lies are that obvious, I don’t accept they didn’t see it.

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One thought on “The Incredibly Obvious Lies Of Totalitarian Scum

  1. Oct 6th, 1940. New York Times published an article on page 10 titled “New World Order, pledged to Jews”

    “The governments of the peoples included in this world republic, with the aid of the victorious proletariat, all will fall without difficulty into Jewish hands. Private property will then be strangled by the Jewish directors, who will administer the state patrimony everywhere. Thus the promise of the Talmud will be fulfilled, that is, the promise that the Jews, at the arrival of the Messiah, will possess the key to the wealth of all the peoples of the earth.”

    – Baruch Levy, in a letter to Karl Marx, published in the Rothschild controlled La Revue de Paris, June 1, 1928.

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