Are These People On Crack Or What?

It’s hard to deny the whole psychotic totalitarian mandated retardation of this global regime of terror seems to have a lot in common with being on crack, not that it’s the same thing.

If you had thought the last thing the Biden administration would ever do to win back the trust of the public was to hand out thirty million dollars worth of free crack pipes, you would have been wrong, or at least partially wrong.

This is the people making decisions that affect the health of the world, who have a health system almost entirely devoid of any suggestion to eat well and exercise.

They give out crack pipes or smoking kits that have rubber mouth pieces, because they say it’s healthier than injecting it, which I assume would be true, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I hadn’t heard a lot about injecting crack, but then I never actually tried it. One thing I do know about it is some rappers wear a grill to try to stop the smoke from making all their teeth fall out.

You can see Hunter Biden’s smile got pretty full of holes from all that crack, which he smoked in between the Chinese hookers that were given to him to sweeten the deal as he sold out the USA for his father, allegedly.

I don’t really like getting into a partisan debate, and I think people should be free to smoke crack if they want to.

It’s none of the government’s business, or it actually is their business, they been making deals with the Sinaloa cartel for decades.

They made deals with the leaders of Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Columbia, and more.

In fact they started the training of puppet dictators in the school of the Americas with Columbian generals in the 1940’s, for obvious reasons.

They trained them to deal crack for the CIA, which I believe the CIA practically invented.

It was a scientist in the 1800’s who invented cocaine, and it was coca leaf before that, a very different thing than crack.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing to give away free crack pipes, if you think it will improve health outcomes, strange as that may seem, but what it looks like when you see that being reported is they’re on crack.

They’re crack heads, or crack dealers, or both, and that’s not just the way it looks, in fact it’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that some of the people in the US government are one or both of those things.

That doesn’t automatically rule them out of being able to make intelligent choices about policy decisions, it’s just a matter of who you compare it to.

Is a crack head more able to make quality decisions involving foreign policy in wars involving nuclear weapons, than a drunk, or an old man with advanced dementia?

Would it be better to get a smack head to make decisions instead, or maybe a teenage girl who just broke up with her boyfriend, crying all day and throwing her phone across the room?

Is there any way you could find someone who was more fucked up than these people are, to handle the complicated matter of world war three, which is a war mostly being fought in the mind?

It appears that they’re doing their absolute best to make sure the government, army, police and intelligence agencies have important roles filled by transsexual minorities on drugs.

People with at least one screw loose and actively getting rid of anyone who might have a problem with that, or anything else they’re doing.

If you oppose the people who claim to have a stranglehold on “the science” you’re a racist, transphobic, neo nazi antisemitic bigot and you must be fired, jailed, silenced, and injected with poison against your will.

Does the crack seem to be making itself apparent in their policies? I don’t know if you can blame that specifically, it’s a learned mental illness as much as a chemical intoxication that’s destroyed the minds of these lunatics, but it’s obvious.

It’s never been more obvious, and it’s never been more dangerous that these drug fucked retarded pedophiles and criminals in this mafia gang they call government are being allowed to get away with their crimes.

The retards who fell for the brainwashing that their own kind called totalitarian mind control that went too far, might say it was qualified doctors who told you to inject poison that didn’t work.

No, 17,000 doctors, a group larger than the CDC or the FDA told you they banned the cure, it’s murder, and that every single part of the covid narrative makes no sense at all, and risked their own jobs to do it.

A similar number of doctors signed the Great Barrington declaration, and even though they were threatened, silenced, banned from social media and never interviewed on the MSM that is openly bought by big pharma, the message still got out to millions of people.

Millions of people saw the drag queen story time, the weird pronoun crap, banning the words mother and father, calling breast feeding chest feeding, calling women cisgender birthing persons and they must have thought: these people are on crack.

They might also be on e, speed, weed, LSD, mushrooms, pain pills and who knows what else but it’s very clear they aren’t normal people, and they seem to have embraced extreme mental illness as a popular trend on TikTok.

Not to say that normal people don’t sometimes have a beer and use a little bit of this or that, but these are rainbow dildo butt monkey costume at the children’s story time type of people.

I can see why you might like sex, drugs and rock n roll, but today I saw a video of a guy who just randomly walked up to a woman on the street and hit her in the back of the head with a baseball bat, for no reason.

He had the face tattoos, he was just a freak, but in my opinion the drugs weren’t the only cause of this terrorist mindset, and these psychotic violent outbursts.

Being in a persecuted class could cause you to get mad, and it’s easy enough to understand that people on drugs have a hard life.

Living in a tent on the street if they’re not lucky. Seriously addicted to drugs they can’t afford or cheap drugs that destroy their brain, and unable to recover, get a job, or live a “normal” life.

That’s a harsh life to live, and it would make sense to be mad at the government about it, because on the one hand they make the trillions of dollars from global drug sales, or it surely isn’t anyone in a third world country making that kind of money.

On the other hand, while the rich elites are making over a hundred billion dollars a year just from crack deals, just in the USA, the same people made laws to lock them up for years, just for possession, of the drugs they’re selling.

If it was up to me, I’d say legalize all drugs, make various different forms of harm minimized and affordable options available to allow people to make an informed choice that best suited their own lives, separate from the financial cost.

Make it a health issue, and not an issue where most of the associated crime is for money for drugs, or because they’re mentally ill, which harm minimization would also help to improve, in theory.

It reduces the harm, accepting that you cannot get rid of all harm completely. I think if you treated these people fairly, it’s possible they could be valuable members of society, artists, musicians, political commentators, bloggers, or whatever.

But if you treated them fairly, gave them every helping hand and then they randomly hit you in the head with a baseball bat, for no reason at all, I’d say you should then kill them, or it’s dangerous to let them live, anywhere, even in jail.

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I would say that if somebody is that vicious that they would randomly attack someone based on their skin color or whatever and it has nothing to do with desperation or persecution, then they’re just horrible people and Antifa did many things like that.

I’m looking at the general feel of the Democrat party, the World Economic Forum, and the strange cross between Antifa crack head off the street and pedophile elite level criminals, and the thing they have in common is they’re just bad people.

They’re just evil people. I was left wing myself two years ago, and when I saw this crap I thought that’s just evil.

That’s the evil rich, using black people, gay people, trans people, and people on drugs to hide behind, but they didn’t even make a half decent attempt at hiding their evil, it’s just evil, out in the open, plain as day.

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