Millions Rise For Freedom In Australia

Hope you like this clip I put together with Megadeth’s Blood Of Heroes over the top of the crowds in Canberra. Some estimated it to be two million people.

I also have to give credit to Victoria by Drone, platform2melbourne, Rebel News, Turning Point Australia, and whoever else had rights over those clips, but I don’t think most people worry about copyright much anymore.

The general feeling is the most important thing is the truth gets out there, and the reason I made this site was to try to help promote freedom fighters who had been silenced for speaking the truth.

I can’t even believe how many good people’s careers they ruined for simply telling the truth, which is now proven and admitted by the mainstream media.

The virus wasn’t as deadly as they said it was but it came from the Wuhan lab. They told you they were going to release it before they did, many, many times, very obviously.

They banned the cure, the test doesn’t work, cloth masks don’t work, the vaccine doesn’t work, and it doesn’t really matter because it wasn’t as deadly as they said it was anyway.

You have to realize that everything they said was a lie at every point, or start from that assumption and work towards determining the real truth from there.

Just a short post today, I just wanted to give you some videos from the Canberra protest which was the largest ever seen in Australia, I’m sure.

I have to get some better videos of the speeches and all that, there are plenty of videos floating around but it’s very disorganized due to the censorship.

Another problem was with literally millions of people doing live streaming in one area, a lot of the videos broke up or dropped out, but the drone footage is amazing and it’s a message they would do well to listen to.

Pretty simple message really, we know who you are, we know who you’re working for, and it’s not us, the people, it’s Klaus Schwab and the evil corporations.

Lying in a way that starves children to death by the millions is murder, and if you don’t break your ties with this criminal terrorist group who attacked the world with biological weapons, you will face justice eventually.

You want to try that you lying scum weasel? What were those figures again? It’s more likely to kill you because it doesn’t work?

A government can make threats to fine people or arrest people if they don’t comply, but millions of people could potentially do anything.

There’s millions of them, nobody’s controlling them really, you’re lucky to be alive if you had any part in this terrorist attack on the world.

There’s no forgiveness for people like Trudeau, Morrison, Adern, Merkel, Biden, Macron, Dan Andrews, etc.

They are admittedly puppets of the World Economic Forum, specifically trained as Young Global Leaders to sell out their own people to an evil terrorist group.

As I explained in my last post, (or one of them), the proof of them being evil is that they already had puppet dictators in most countries in the world for most of the last hundred years or longer.

So, almost everything bad that happened in the world through all of history is their fault, or that’s the general group they’re claiming is going to build back better.

Nobody is falling for their smug, arrogant lies, they want them dead. I mean it’s probably half the population who want them dead, or who just hate their guts.

Most of them are too nice to say it, because they’re trying to promote peace and love and unity, but once it becomes obvious to the sheep that we are the majority, they’re going down one way or another because they are monsters.

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