Psychotic Prostitute Attacks Protesters With Her Car In Canberra

Maybe it sounds like I’m being overly harsh with a title like that, but if anything I’m trying to keep my temper under control at these nutcases and report the truth fairly without losing it like this woman did.


First of all, the vaccine kills people. That’s a verified and proven fact, it’s not even about how many people it killed versus how many they claim it might save from a disease that mostly kills people at about the same age they always die. It’s about freedom.

It injured well over a hundred thousand people in Australia, serious adverse events reported to the TGA. Hard to say how many died exactly, about a thousand or probably a lot more that weren’t reported.

Then the CEO of Pfizer comes out and says those two doses they took had very little benefit if any, and they mostly haven’t taken the booster yet, so the overall outcome was negative, and they lied and said it was positive.

Here’s a video of Western Australian premier Mark McGowan saying the two doses might give you 4% protection against omicron, which doesn’t kill people anyway.

This was a mildly pornographic photo, (not even) but it had to be removed because it was on OnlyFans. Fair enough, lame stuff you have to pay for.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that it doesn’t stop transmission. The argument which is clearly under intense debate among scientists is whether this “vaccine” is more deadly than the biological weapon they made and released on purpose.

That’s also up for debate, but the debate is like Rand Paul, asking Fauci, the guy who funded the gain of function research to admit that he did, which is proven, and it’s proven that he lied under oath.

All of this stuff is proven, they’re on video admitting everything they were going to do, it’s in their documents going back years. It’s hard to believe anyone can look at what I saw and not see it.

The documents and video of them saying there will be a surprise outbreak is further backed up with the predictive programming of pop stars and TV shows telling you it was going to happen, plain as day.

So, it doesn’t work, and it might be designed to sterilize or exterminate people on purpose.

The rate of death in young adults increased by 40% in the USA, according to life insurance providers who have to get it right, and it’s not clear exactly what’s causing that.

It’s more likely the shot is causing more deaths than it isn’t, because they pretty much told you it was in countless studies which contradicted some other studies that said it wasn’t, but one of them is lying for big pharma profits.

Or that’s what millions of people believe, hence the millions of people protesting, and there’s no reason to want it forced on other people, it’s none of your business, not even close to your business.

So when a whore like this smashes her car into a peaceful protester who is simply standing up for her right not to be injected with poison, or be pushed out of society, lose her job, lose the right to travel, work, shop, etc, that’s a crime, on top of a crime, on top of a crime.

It’s being complicit in these crimes against humanity, participating in intimidation for terrorists who destroyed everything because there was a flu season literally as bad as every other flu season, every other year in Australia.

You can argue levels of complicity, I do feel some sympathy for these easily programmed, weak minded, brainwashed psychotic individuals.

They are under hypnosis, professional totalitarian mind control, they can’t seem to even understand reality, but this behavior cannot be condoned.

This bitch bragged that the police were so corrupt that they wouldn’t follow the law which said you can’t do that and so they wouldn’t charge her with criminal damage or whatever the hell it is when you smash your car into people on purpose.

Not seeming to realize that if they didn’t follow the law because they were trying to force an experimental big pharma product into people, while ignoring assault with a deadly weapon like a car, that would make them criminals, which they are of course, there’s countless examples of that.

Thus adding to the case being made by the protesters, that they were corrupt and criminal, and not acting in the best interests of the people, but on the same side as a brainwashed crack head slut from hell.

Again, the CEO of Pfizer said it didn’t work, and it was not safe, along with the inventor of mRNA, the ex chief science officer of Pfizer, the most published heart surgeon in America, 17,000 doctors in America’s Frontline Doctors, and many more experts.

This bitch likes to smoke crack and do porn, when she’s not road raging, and she can’t be bothered getting her news anywhere other than the TV.

From the goddamn awful TV that brainwashed these lunatics with what the people doing it admitted was mind control in those exact words. A fear campaign that worked too well according to them.

If that’s too much of an attack on her and her character, then I’ll admit I don’t know if she smokes crack. It might be heroin or meth, and maybe she doesn’t smoke it.

Didn’t really pay too much attention to that part of it, but you probably wouldn’t go to Canberra to get into the porn business if you’re not on hard drugs, most of the time.

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Here are her contact details, maybe you can ask her yourself, but remember not to get distracted by how she looks.

She’s fucked in the head and a serious threat to freedom loving people, according to herself. She picked that fight, straight up, if anyone wants to do anything about it.

Phone number: 0422450078

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