Does The Covid Vaccine Have AIDS In It?

That was a video from What’s Her Face that YouTube thought was dangerous enough to take down, even though practically everyone is talking about some connection between covid and HIV.

I’ve generally stayed away from this topic because it’s sounds like a bizarre conspiracy theory, but it was reported last year that people tested positive for HIV after taking an Australian covid vaccine.

I think it was Luc Montagnier who said that in his expert opinion, there were sequences from the HIV virus along with various others that went into making the SARS CoV2 in the lab.

The spike protein that the vaccine apparently makes (out of your own cells), needed a specific plug on the side that was detached from the larger virus, which contained genetic similarities to HIV.

I can’t be bothered trying to prove that there is HIV in the vaccines, or that it causes an acquired immune deficiency syndrome by itself.

I’m not an expert and my honest opinion is experts don’t seem all that trustworthy if they tell you they know everything about viruses, simply because nobody knows everything about viruses.

The feeling I’ve gotten from this global regime of terror and misinformation is that they’re so evil, so full of lies, so devious, nothing can be proven anymore.

If I was trying to prove something beneficial to the profits of the pharmaceutical companies, some people would believe my evidence no matter how flimsy it was, almost as though they were personally invested.

But all the proof in the world wouldn’t convince them if it wasn’t in favor of selling more vaccines. How do people choose to go along with censorship and tyranny as a citizen?

Used to be you would look up a fact in a reliable source like a library book, an encyclopedia, a dictionary, or something along those lines.

I’ve forgotten how to do that, and the fact checks and Google searches have replaced that with an instantaneous answer to almost any question which is always false if it’s about a topic they care about enough to change at any time.

Things have gone obviously bad with stories of totalitarian brutality by police mixed with hopeful stories of millions rising up, and authorities backing down.

This is world war three, you should take every story with a grain of salt, but you can believe they’re attacking us, in every way possible and the only thing we can do is resist.

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