The Vicious Evil Totalitarians Trying To Take Over The World

The World Economic Forum often comes up with ads for themselves that aim to portray their vicious corporate criminality as benevolent.

But they have as much self awareness as CNN hiring an investigator to figure out why people like Joe Rogan more than them.

He’s taking the piss, he’s laughing at people, or aiming for a demographic who like to dominate and terrorize their political enemies while all freedom is removed for them at the same time. This is evil.

They can talk all they want about being inclusive and diverse and sustainable, but people hear those phrases coming out of Justin Trudeau as he crushes truckers fighting for freedom as if they were terrorists, and they don’t fall for it.

You see, it’s obvious that they’re lying, and it’s obvious that they’re evil, and nobody likes these people, not even their own kind.

The passive aggressive and also very aggressive attack on the world does not fool anyone but the most naive and ridiculous brainwashed liberal fools, and I was almost one of those myself at one point.

I used to complain about inequality in the world, I used to promote hybrid cars, I used to say that gun control was safer for the public and there’s less crime when you give more to the poor in welfare or public services, etc.

I was left wing, I was far left wing, but what that also meant was an awareness that the most evil people in the world were the rich elites running the corporations that caused 99% of all the problems with their ruthless greed.

Starting wars for weapons profits, driving people out of their homes to buy them up cheap and make a massive profit, hiring children in sweat shops, dealing all kinds of drugs, sex, etc.

That’s them. Those are the people, the rich elites, the corporations. They are the bad guys. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, it really doesn’t.

Your idea of what is equitable is not the same as their idea, because they are just pretending to be nice, while they are in fact the most evil people ever.

Big pharma deal the drugs, and you could argue whether the side effects of certain drugs, including deaths by the millions are worse than the consequences of not having drugs to prescribe for different conditions, but what you can’t argue is that they are only motivated by selling drugs.

They are drug dealers, this new scam involved redefining what a pandemic was so they could call it an emergency through faking data on a global scale to force injections of experimental poison on everyone, if they can, forever.

That’s not at all a conspiracy theory, an FDA insider was just on Project Veritas confirming that the plan is to force a new shot on everyone, every year, regardless of whether it works, is safe, or is needed.

Again, the more pressing issue is they told you they were going to do all of this years ago, and they made it happen.

They attacked the world with biological weapons, or faked that it even happened, one of the two, or a combination of both, it has to be.

This is not who you want ruling the world with an iron fist.

This is the kind of evil that tops Hitler and Stalin, and will cause that much death if given a chance, and may in fact be planning to kill billions right now, which they hinted at multiple times.

I don’t have an answer except in my opinion and in the opinion of many experts, they must be stopped by any means necessary, and it is possible, but it will take everything we have.

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