FDA Officer On Hidden Camera Reveals The Entire Government Is Corrupt

It’s disturbing seeing the culture that allows corruption to flourish being described to a random woman on a date as if that was something he shouldn’t feel guilty about.

What he just admitted there is nobody in government wants to rock the boat, or they won’t have a job.

Meaning the FDA he works for is corrupt, and nobody ever really tries to stop it from being corrupt, because that’s how corrupt it is.

It is so corrupt that if you tried to expose the corruption, the evil that forces poison on children that’s more likely to kill them for big pharma profits, you will be out of a job, or they might even kill you.

It doesn’t seem to matter that the entire stated purpose of the organization is to stop such horrific crimes against humanity.

To stop people from being poisoned by food and drugs, for corporate profits, but somewhere along the line it changed from being about protecting human health.

Somewhere along the line it became a profit based corporation that makes money from approving products, seemingly just because they were paid to do so.

Meaning the whole organization is there in name only to prevent everyone from being poisoned to death and it doesn’t really work at all, except on the most obvious level.

I seem to remember the way it started was they would give a certain amount of poison to rodents and when half of them had died, that amount per kilo of body weight was the upper limit they thought a human would tolerate, the LD50.

I think that’s because it takes less poison to kill a rat, sometimes, with some poisons, but it didn’t really work all that well, generally speaking, but in particular for this covid vaccine.

What’s the latest news on that? It gives you a compromised immune system that gets worse the more boosters you take, even according to the New York Times?

A similar condition to AIDS, where it’s not actually the AIDS that kills you, but any random illness you might get, which your immune system can’t fight off.

That’s obviously terrible, I’m assuming the problems must be under reported even though there were millions of adverse events reported, and tens of thousands of deaths.

It still doesn’t get to the heart of the matter, the entire thing was wrong on every level from start to finish, I disagreed with it on it’s face, you don’t try to do what they did for a flu.

You just don’t, because it doesn’t work, it causes more suffering, and even more death, by far, with practically no benefit at all which studies are now showing and were showing the whole time.

Lockdowns, masks, social distancing, testing, mandates, vaccines, none of it worked in a positive way, which they finally realized, but which they actually already knew, and half of us already knew.

Memes work to a certain degree waking up those kind of people, but it’s no joke, we are in world war three.

What’s more, they planned what they were going to do for a decade or more, including making the virus in the lab and releasing it on purpose, but also using the media to fake the majority of the pandemic.

Always knowing quite clearly that attacking the world with biological weapons is not actually a good thing to do, except maybe for their bank accounts, for the tyrannical power they wanted to gain in the world.

At the top level, they were completely evil, lying through their teeth, to the degree that even with a system as corrupt and hostile to whistleblowers as it is, hundreds of thousands decided to come forward to some degree.

This young girl was attacked with what was probably a directed energy weapon. They had sound weapons out in the open and there was no cause to use them, they are just evil, pure evil.

Doctors rose up and spoke out about these crimes, and part of me almost thinks that was part of the script as well, but if anyone was telling the truth it was them.

At this point, it doesn’t matter if the vaccine is unsafe or not, nobody will ever trust that it is safe, or that it works, because even the people making it said it wasn’t and didn’t, which doesn’t look good, obviously.

If psychopathic dictators try to force mandates in that environment of complete loss of trust in the product, the science and the whole system, they got a target on their heads, and for me, I’m amazed their heads are still there now.

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