Australian Government Attacking Civilians With Energy Weapons

I try to “report” on this issue by searching on Bitchute and Odysee and I find stuff like Stranger Than Fiction News and a mirrored version of a Stew Peters show with an ad cut into it, so it’s not that easy to tell this story.

Here’s the Odysee version of that show, which talks about the attack on the Canberra protesters, the largest protest ever in the history of Australia, regardless of their denial of that. They said it was 10,000 people.

I had already uploaded a couple of videos to my Odysee channel of a woman saying she had been cooked by the LRAD weapon which was used out in the open for everyone to see.

If you’re wondering why I don’t just post the Odysee videos so you can see them here, my five dollar a month blog won’t let me use certain types of code like iframe.

Still trying to make a profit after a year and a half of writing these posts, but like I said when I started, I’m not doing it for the money, because there isn’t any, unless you’re getting paid by rich corporations directly to write what they want.

The Australian media is captured, like the Canadian press, all of them get paid by the Canadian government.

Even if they didn’t, the large global news corporations are basically the exact same people.

Here’s our “own” ABC selling us out again to monsters.

The WEF is a collection of all the same banker owned corporations and Klaus bragged they captured the governments of the world.

This article explains that the LRAD was nicknamed the “voice of God” due to it’s power, (more like Satan), but there’s another energy weapon called ADS that probably caused the heat sensation.

That was what they must have used, it’s called active denial system. Actively denying our ability to peacefully protest tyranny.

They say adverse reactions are rare and consist of skin blisters, and that normal instinctive reactions like turning away limit the amount of burns but there have been some.

I had already uploaded a video about the military heat ray that causes a feeling of burning so strong, people must turn away, even run away from it. So, let’s just go over what that means again.

If you disagree with anything the government does including injecting your children with poison that kills them, they will burn you alive, freeze your bank account, stop you from working, deny you life saving surgery, and probably arrest or kill you.

A whole bunch of Democrat leftists agreed they went too far in Canada with what they’re doing, because if you can’t protest this, because you get shut down like that, it’s totalitarian forever, we have no say if they want to do anything to us.

I appreciate that if you try to fight the police head on with weapons like these, they will probably crush you, however depending on the pressure exerted, they might also give in to demands and arrest the traitorous terrorists giving them orders.

Once they have robot weapons there’s no possibility of convincing them of anything, the optics of appearing like the good guys to a majority of the public just won’t matter.

So my opinion is this is the very last chance to crush them into dust, or we will be under their thumb forever, and this is who they are, the epitome of evil.

Barely even trying to hide it (despite the censorship), and only one step away from not having to. I get why you wouldn’t want a war, but when half the people are convinced they’re complete monsters, something has to give.

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