Bill Gates “It Will Be A Different Pathogen Next Time”

Bill Gates being asked what the next pandemic will be, almost as though he was the guy releasing the viruses from a lab.

In this video, called the lifting of restrictions, Bill Gates is saying “we’ll have another pandemic, but it will be a different pathogen next time” in a way that makes it seem like this one is now over.

The way he says it with such certainty makes it seem like he is going to be responsible for releasing that one from the lab as well, like he and Fauci did with this one, and their planned insane response which killed far more people.

Another thing he said at that same press conference was that the omicron variant is a vaccine itself because people affected with it get natural immunity which is better than a vaccine.

What this ignores though is if they got the virus, or a variant similar enough to gain immunity, then there was nothing to worry about from getting it in the first place.

The whole thing is a ridiculous narrative like that, which is really starting to fall apart now and they’ve pulled back from the mad fear campaign in most places.

People are starting to learn about Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum and the Young Global Leaders school of the dictators.

It’s impossible not to learn of the great reset, the new world order, and they’re hearing what the agenda is, just as stated by them, and it’s nightmarish.

It’s so bad they can’t even say it in a definitive way, all at one time, but you get hints of what they have waiting in the works, and it’s bizarre transhumanist Satanism.

That’s if you want to make it a religious thing, but it’s entirely possibly they are religiously Satanic, or Luciferian, and there’s a lot of evidence backing that up.

Bill Gates was quite rightly given the nickname of the antichrist due to his role in implementing the mark of the beast or vaccine passports.

Also known as ID2020, it’s been seen very clearly with the number of the beast, multiple times, in a way that at least shows they meant for people to see the religious references.

They don’t want to reveal themselves too obviously to everyone all at once as being Satanic pedophiles, because people don’t like them obviously, and they might try to kill them if their crimes gained too much press coverage.

People have figured it out, they’ve seen the kind of evil these Hollywood rich elite scum are guilty of.

The way they planned to genocide the world with biological weapons or worse, and just how messed up their brains are, on every level.

It’s the way Bill Gates grins like a madman every time he talks about covid deaths and injecting children with poison.

He’s a psychopath. If you don’t see it by now, it’s probably impossible to convince you, but the world has gone absolutely mental because of a slightly worse flu season.

People need to bring justice for these crimes, and don’t think it’s enough that they’re backing down from these insane totalitarian restrictions because nobody was falling for it. They need to face real justice.

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