The Global Crackdown On Freedom Continues

Police face off with demonstrators participating in a protest organized by truck drivers opposing vaccine mandates on Wellington St. on February 19, 2022 in Ottawa, Ontario. Anyone notice a problem?

Massive totalitarianism on display in places like Canada and Australia, along with some countries in Europe, and obviously the countries which used to be that way anyway.

In Canada, hundreds of people were arrested over the weekend and they set up red zones where innocent people trying to get a coffee were violently told to leave by riot police, though there was no riot.

Gates, who says he can predict the next pandemic because he knows the guys who do the gain of function says every country should become like Australia or Canada to “prevent” what happened anyway. He just happens to make billions from selling the “cure” that doesn’t work, making you wonder who would be dumb enough or controlled enough to ask him?

Candace Owens called for the US to invade Canada to end the madness, like she had done earlier with Australia, and being in Australia, I would support that, except for the fact Joe Biden and General Milley are on the same side.

There is only one side of this whole thing, the World Economic Forum and associated banker controlled corporations and governments, and those who oppose them.

There are different levels of opposition and different levels of understanding of what’s actually going on, but like Klaus said himself, they captured half the Canadian government with their Young Global Leaders program.

Chrystia Freeland is the deputy prime minister of Canada, she’s a director of the World Economic Forum, and the granddaughter of a Nazi who was the head of propaganda for a couple of countries in Europe during world war two, he worked with Goebbels directly.

The Australian health minister is an ex strategy director for the WEF, just as another of countless examples, they’re all basically the same group and they’ve revealed they are totalitarian, vicious and evil.

They attacked the world with biological weapons, but also used the media and their captured institutions to alter the data and the public perception of the situation.

They altered it so much, they didn’t even need to have a virus at all, and many still think covid doesn’t even exist.

This photo could be from anywhere in the world, and it could also be from any war or totalitarian dictatorship in history oppressing it’s people. It’s really easy to understand, evil thugs using military level weapons on a poor defenseless woman, beating her bloody for no reason.

The vast majority doesn’t trust the media, the government, the health institutions and corporations.

A significant part of that group thinks they are trying to kill us, sterilize us, enslave us, and often have sex with our kids as well.

If you were going to listen to the same lying complicit media give you polls that show the opposite is true, and that their narrative has popular support, you’d be mad at this point.

They’re just lying, and the lie helps to convince people not to resist the extreme totalitarian measures, because they think it’s a majority who support them, but it isn’t.

I’ve seen the masses of people wearing masks, but going along with laws is very different to supporting them, and mostly it’s because they haven’t seen the actual data or things like the CNN doctor saying cloth masks are useless face decorations.

Everyone has family members who fell victim to the military grade weaponized mind control these monsters admitted using on people, but it never made any sense.

None of what they were saying ever made any sense, even when the vaccines and masks and restrictions were meant to work almost 100% and stop transmission.

It cost trillions of dollars and millions of lives around the world to lock down in the first place and it didn’t work, slowing the spread means they still get it eventually.

This medical journal post calls it the greatest threat to prosperity since the great depression and it didn’t work.

There was no significant danger from this flu that we would need it to work, even if it only cost billions of dollars, but it cost the world trillions of dollars, and killed far more people than it could have saved, if it had worked, but it didn’t.

It’s really simple logic that these mind controlled brainwashed idiots have to wake up to, it doesn’t work, it didn’t work, it caused more death, more suffering by far, and pretty much the loss of all freedom.

A clear and present danger is caused by them, the totalitarians, and not the virus which they made in the lab and released on purpose, although that is also a problem, and it’s also those same people doing it, obviously.

Here is an organizer issuing a statement of retreat from Trudeau’s violent thugs but it’s not over yet, not by a long way.

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