Is The Fight For Freedom Over In The Face Of Brutal Tyranny?

It wasn’t all that long ago that if you said a shadowy group called the Bilderberg group met in secret to plot gaining control of all the governments of the world so their sinister control could be felt globally, you were called a crazy conspiracy theorist.

You still might be, by anyone who hasn’t realized that this crazy story is in fact true, which was their best defense, denying it completely, because it doesn’t look good.

Klaus Schwab is a former head of the steering committee of the Bilderberg group, as well as head of the World Economic Forum, and he bragged that he had captured half the Canadian parliament, among many other countries.

You see them make these pathetic attempts to call it disinformation when asked directly about it, and this shows that they don’t really have an excuse.

They know it looks like treason, it’s clearly corruption, and the best they can do is deny it, making it look worse.

Trudeau used his gang of violent mercenaries and thugs to trample old women, beat up veterans, terrorize and intimidate a bunch of people who only want freedom not to be injected with poison, and if that isn’t a good enough thing to be protesting, what the hell is?

This is proven, as much as it can be, here’s the ex chief science officer from Pfizer explaining all the reasons why this particular “vaccine” was so suspicious in the way it was made, it could only have been made with malicious intent by criminals.

Here’s Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology saying the CDC has been hiding data from all of us, which would be likely to cause the entire project to be shut down if people found out what they were hiding, and wanted to keep hidden for 75 years.

Not surprisingly, veterans have been issuing threats to this group of foreign influence traitors turning their country into a fascist dictatorship or if you prefer, a neo liberal authoritarian lunatic asylum.

The truckers retreated but the violence was perhaps the reason they were there, to reveal these horrific monsters for what they are.

Many of them regrouped in a different location, but maybe the next step doesn’t involve the same type of peaceful protest with a bunch of honking and bouncy castles.

Should they go to war over this issue? The general feeling I get is they will not accept the complete dictatorship that Trudeau is forcing because it’s simply intolerable, and is literally a violent attack on the entire population.

Just because a majority don’t like or trust these scum, even in the armed forces, it doesn’t mean they will mutiny, but maybe they just need a push.

This is an obvious attack on democracy, freedom, justice, our health, everything we care about, and it’s coming from within, making it all the more insidious and evil.

It’s easy for me to say what I think should be done, but I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people who feel the same way, and if this isn’t the straw that broke the camel’s back yet, I have a feeling it will be soon.

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Something about these events almost doesn’t seem real, as though it was staged to piss people off on purpose, similar to the Australian attacks on old women protesters, pushing them over and pepper spraying them in brutal fashion, for no good reason, which just happened to be caught on camera. Even if they staged it, the people in charge are still psychopaths, perhaps even more so.

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