Trudeau Forced To Revoke Emergencies Act

Curses, foiled again! He’s like an evil supervillain.

Due it seems to massive support for the truckers and waning support for himself, Trudeau was forced to revoke the emergency act he invoked just days earlier.

Apparently the freezing of bank accounts used to donate or accept money for hanging around playing in bouncy castles and beeping horns was ended as well.

This could also be because there was so much support for the truckers, the amount of people who were scared enough to take all their money out of the bank and move it towards alternatives like crypto was enough to make a huge dent.

β€œGoing forward it’ll be important that we gain a fuller understanding of what gave rise to this kind of disregard for laws and threat to our democracy.”

Justin Trudeau

It’s amazing that these people even pretend that they need an explanation for why everyone hates them, but I’ll explain it again.

To begin with, anyone who did the research knew that the virus was made in a lab and released on purpose to take over the world, which the people who did it explained on video countless times.

Immediately you had tens of thousands of doctors, including those at the top of their field, explaining that this was no ordinary virus, (although it wasn’t much worse than the flu), and no ordinary vaccine.

Every single part of the whole thing was a lie, a scam, a simulation of a deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen, a hoax, a plot, a depopulation attempt, the whole thing was wrong on every level.

I don’t need to explain it to anyone who knows, and anyone who doesn’t know is increasingly appearing to me like a blank, robotic willfully ignorant sheep, a captured, brainwashed, mind controlled clone out of a science fiction movie.

The virus was not a massive killer virus, they faked most of the cases and deaths through faulty tests, faulty diagnostics, it simply was not what they said it was because they lied.

Given the amount of lies, it’s impossible to say anything for sure, except giving more power to those people is the absolute last thing anyone should do after seeing proof they are all so corrupted.

Corrupted by the exact same people who attacked us with biological and psychological weapons, and who planned this attack for years.

Perhaps the reason this global dictatorship looks so much like China is China is heading quickly towards being the richest country per capita in the world, but more likely it’s because the globalists want the world to be like China.

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