What’s Going On In Ukraine?

This video by Russell Brand kind of explains the way I see the Ukraine conflict, it’s so complicated that I don’t really want to state my opinion, just in case it’s wrong.

I can post some links to news sources I see on Google, but that usually doesn’t really cut it when talking about highly debatable issues.

The Ukraine cannot beat Russia in a war. The US could not beat Russia in a war, or there would be no more planet if they actually used the real weapons. I see why they would care, but my feeling is maybe you should just join Russia, it’s not that bad and it’s not worth it. You look like you’re about to die, for not all that much.

I’ve seen Tucker Carlson say that Russia isn’t really to blame because the US pushed them to the brink of war with various policies, and that sounds somewhat reasonable from what I can tell, much as he was attacked for saying it.

Within the Ukraine itself, there seems to be those who would rather be on the Russian side than the US side, in fact I heard some people were celebrating with fireworks when their separatist region was recognized by Russia.

I see that there’s been hundreds killed already, including some children, and I can’t see how anyone could call that a good thing, but there were apparently some US bio weapons labs that got attacked.

I saw a really disturbing video of civilians killed by shelling from the Ukranian army back in 2014, they seemed to be targeting civilians.

Someone said the US was supporting literal Neo Nazis in the Ukraine, so there’s history going back to Stalin with crimes on both sides, corruption, global interference, etc.

Nazis, Jews, fascists, communists, Putin was apparently one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders, along with Justin Trudeau, but there’s probably more to him than that alone.

I don’t know, only months ago Russia announced joining the center for the fourth industrial revolution network, which basically does what the WEF wants to do in Russia.

So you have the Western world leaders, thoroughly bought by the bankers and their money, and Russia, trained and owned by the exact same people it seems.

I’m going to leave it to some of my favorite content creators to explain what they think about it.

Whether it’s likely to lead to world war three, or what it means for the West, hope you enjoy their videos.

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Putin’s complete speech at the start of this military operation

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