Is The Ukraine Conflict A False Flag To Distract Us?

It seemed pretty convenient that Russia invaded Ukraine exactly when the covid narrative was really starting to fall apart, and they been saying it was going to happen for months or even years.

I’ve seen a bunch of fake looking stuff happening, cardboard guns, a CNN journalist who apparently got killed, who also died years earlier in Afghanistan.

It’s possible the fact checks explain those stories away as fake news, war propaganda, but it doesn’t end there, there’s a whole bunch of fishy stuff going on, on all sides.

There was a battle in a place called Snake Island or Zimiinyi Island where it was reported that everyone died, fighting to the last man, only to be found alive later.

One thing they might be trying to distract people from is that Moderna patented a genetic sequence identical to that of the spike protein in “covid” about three years ago.

Also, the CDC has admitted they’re withholding covid data because they don’t think it’s ready for “prime time” or that people might misinterpret it, because it shows that the shots, and the boosters are actually more likely to kill people.

People are still dropping like flies, television presenters dying on live TV while telling those mainstream media lies, just like the athletes were dying on the field.

The charts from countries all around the world are all showing an increase in deaths after vaccination with these covid death shots, it’s so obvious it almost makes me think it must be fake because how could they keep that quiet?

The entire system is corrupt, paid off, bought puppets, but even so, it’s possible they may require a war to distract people from these massive crimes against humanity before they start to go to prison.

The next thing was going to be carbon credits, climate lockdowns, and a digital ID to help implement it, but it’s hard to imagine people going along with that without massive resistance.

People are resisting, obviously. The peaceful protest seems to be working, to a degree, up until the point where you’ve finished trying to win hearts and minds and want to win the war for real.

It’s hard to win an actual war against people who have nukes and tanks and planes and bombs and energy weapons if they actually use them, but the thing about nukes was they basically don’t ever use them, because it’s MAD.

Zelensky is engaging in peace talks, but has said he’s not ready to surrender yet. I can totally understand that but for the sake of everyone, I hope they can negotiate some sort of peace.

It’s not like the war just started, or that it will be over if Ukraine and Russia stop fighting, we’ve been in world war three for years now, but obviously it wasn’t as bad as some had predicted, at least not yet.

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