What Was The Plan Again?

The evidence has been coming out, piling up, in support of the pandemic being a plot, a crime against humanity.

A scam, a scheme, all thoroughly planned out, for years in advance, with Fauci saying there will be a surprise outbreak, which wasn’t a surprise, obviously.

There’s plenty of doubts that I have within that scenario, for example I’m not sure this virus even exists, which makes it hard to say you have proof they made it in the lab and released it on purpose.

Others seem to be convinced that viruses don’t exist at all, but regardless, we can be entirely certain these people planned everything that happened, because they don’t like uncertainty.

They like making people uncertain with what they called a totalitarian mind control campaign themselves, but this psy op is not aimed at their own people at the top, obviously, so only they know what’s going on for sure.

I’ve laid out the various ways they told you what they were going to do, years in advance, lock step, event 201, SPARS Johns Hopkins scenario from 2017, crimson contagion, etc.

The fear campaign of covid facilitated a wealth transfer of trillions, gave them unprecedented power, served as a distraction to cover up the financial collapse of the current system, and the rise of a one world government.

You will own nothing and be happy, build back better, the fourth industrial revolution, etc. It’s all a bit of a joke, or could also be seen as the ravings of a lunatic.

The objectives are not publicly acknowledged, but there’s a eugenics and depopulation component, there’s the money making aspect, and there’s social control and power.

What’s been demonstrated over and over again is they had a plan worked out for how they would deal with covid, it was in the center of a WEF chart of the great reset which they had obviously planned for years.

This chart of the great reset has hundreds of different points linked together, including all aspects of life, which the WEF decided to link to covid 19 as the most important out of all of them, and they had this plan drawn up before they released it.

When people finally wake up to that fact, they’re going to realize it means one of two things. They attacked the world with biological weapons, or they made the whole thing up, and considering the response caused more harm, that would be even worse.

The response caused millions of deaths from starvation and a great depression with hundreds of millions on the verge of starvation, due to lockdowns, which didn’t work, and obviously couldn’t work if there wasn’t even a virus.

Is it possible they could have lied to the world that much through their captured media and government agencies?

Yeah, there’s been deception on an unbelievable scale, and without being constantly reminded of the scale of suffering caused by this scam, it’s easy for anyone to forget.

Then like clockwork, a war gets rolled out to help people get distracted enough for them to get away with the murder of millions, but some people just can’t let it go.

The world is too dangerous a place if that kind of crime is allowed to go unpunished, and the various other parts of this criminal plot are still rolling out, and the only choice is to resist it.

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