Could This World War Turn Nuclear Over Ukraine?

That Timcast video was talking about how Putin has his nuclear forces on high alert, whatever that means. It sounds dangerous, and Putin is unpredictable, it seems.

That’s due to him deciding to invade Ukraine, which seemed to happen at a very convenient time for the global covid narrative, which he was involved in as much as any world leader.

Another way to look at it is it’s very predictable, because Alex Jones managed to predict that war with Russia would begin in February.

Something to do with the density of the earth after winter snow, but I’m sure he has a lot better reason to have predicted it would happen than that.

The situation was always terrible in war, the US used to kill innocent civilians a large percentage of the time with drone strikes, and shelling isn’t any better, there are children dying already.

He hasn’t begun to just randomly wipe out whole cities, but it might be a mistake to try to get every old woman and child taking up arms to fight the Russians as they’ve been told to do.

There seems to have been a lot of fake news, crisis actors, staged events, lies and propaganda, which you might expect to see in all wars, to some degree, maybe.

A Ukrainian MP said we fight for this new world order, and she must have known how that sounded.

Even if you gave her the benefit of the doubt, that she didn’t know the conspiracy theory context of the phrase, it sounded like she means she fights for a globalist one world government, and not for her country.

In a war against Russia, you would have to hope that the US or the globalists stepped in to help you fight, if you were actually planning on fighting a war.

They haven’t done that yet, although they did ban Russian state media, for some reason, making it seem hopeless, maybe.

Tucker Carlson has been pointing out the obvious, that you don’t start a war with a country that could potentially wipe out everyone on the face of the earth if they went full ballistic, unless you absolutely have to.

This all comes at a time when big pharma are finally admitting that the virus was made in a lab on purpose, or there was a genetic sequence unique to the covid virus that Moderna patented three years ago.

I wrote a post about nine months ago called how many times did they tell you the plan in advance, and it had tons of clear examples that prove the whole thing was an out in the open plot, and it’s virtually impossible to logically argue against that now.

If you ask me, it was from the start, just from watching some predictive programming like the TV show Utopia, or Poppy making multiple videos about masks and getting sick and cotton swabs years ago.

I don’t spend all my time trying to impress people who go out of their way to excuse the crimes of pedophile psychopaths who attacked the world with biological weapons.

The feeling I get when I think of this particular type of scum which might be described as neo liberal globalist totalitarian traitor is pure hate. Revulsion, disgust, disbelief that anyone so foul as this could ever exist as a member of the human race without the others actively wiping them off the face of the earth.

All so they can make more money selling a genocide weapon that will sterilize and exterminate millions if it hasn’t done that already, and there’s a lot of evidence they’ve killed millions in various ways.

My position is it’s totally proven they’re dangerous monsters to the degree that the only possible argument for not trying to kill them all by any means necessary is that they might kill more people if they see you coming for them.

For example, with the nukes, they would be suicidal and homicidal to an insane degree to try to bomb the world in preemptive revenge on everyone who might succeed in taking them down for these crimes against humanity.

However, even if they did that, it would only prove they were that psycho that we had no choice but to try, because someone like that is a psychopath, a sociopath, a nutcase you can’t let be in charge.

They can’t be trusted ever, and they already used weapons of mass destruction on the world, these biological weapons killed more than Hiroshima by far.

Just imagine the devastation of Klaus Schwab, Fauci, Bill Gates, Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric, and the people who came up with the plan to release this bioweapon and install a totalitarian one world government.

In particular the WEF captured leaders like Trudeau, Merkel, Macron, Adern, Morrison, Biden, Johnson, Putin, etc. Each one is worse than Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined, and they have virtually no redeeming qualities.

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