Don’t Let Them Get Away With It

Without missing a beat, they’re begging to be sent to die in a war with Russia in defense of a country that used to be a part of the USSR.

There’s a part of me that feels some kind of relief that the authoritarian psychopaths who attacked the world with biological weapons have moved on to the hot war phase of world war three, like Alex Jones predicted they would.

He even got the month right of when it would begin, and if he’s right about them needing to do something more serious as a cover up so that people forget about the millions they killed already, then this is going to be a large scale depopulation.

Just to recap some recent news, Moderna were accused of patenting a unique genetic sequence from the covid virus three years ago, while working with funding from DARPA to make the mRNA vaccine.

To give that further context, they were approved for the patent for the mRNA technology they’re using two weeks before covid was “discovered” because of course, they made it and released it, hence why they patented it three years ago.

Kind of important to understand that point, they didn’t really deny it, it had “natural or deliberate release of a coronavirus” on the patent application which they shouldn’t have even been granted because somebody else already owned it and they never had a vaccine approved before.

I said (along with millions of people), they made and released the biological weapon on purpose, if it even exists in the way they claim. I said that from the beginning because they practically told you they did themselves.

Therefore anyone who was blindly following their narrative was working for the main enemy in world war three, whether they knew it or not, and even many of WEF’s Young Global Leaders might not even realize themselves the full extent of who they’re working for.

That is now proven, although it was already proven, because they told you they did it, in their own words, to the camera, and in their own documents. There is already enough proof to say it’s proven, but it will become more widely accepted over time if you’re meant to “accept” that once you know.

The covid narrative fell apart, every single aspect of it that was previously deemed a conspiracy theory short of the most extreme theories about aliens and demons is gradually becoming accepted by the mainstream because they just can’t hide it anymore, and they’re losing popularity.

There’s just recently been a news story about a Swedish study that confirms that the mRNA in the covid shots does change your DNA.

It is reverse transcripted into your DNA, which they fact checked if anyone said it the whole time, and still do today, even though Mark Zuckerberg himself said that exact thing in the early days.

They said it was a conspiracy theory that they did all this to force a digital ID system, ID2020 that will also contain a central bank cryptocurrency that will allow them to prevent you spending money on things they don’t want you to spend it on.

Klaus Schwab admitted they penetrated the cabinets, that they effectively own half the politicians, along with celebrities, academics, and more, and the WEF hosted the pre planning meeting event 201.

That literally means the governments of the world are controlled directly, trained and owned by the people who attacked the world with biological weapons and/or psychological weapons, mind control, which is confirmed.

Proven and confirmed, (that last part about mind control confirmed by them directly), which it was in the beginning, but it sounds so insane, most people still can’t even believe it.

It’s impossible for them to continue to maintain that wilful ignorance if all these pieces of evidence are laid out in front of them one by one, and eventually, that is bound to happen, and it has been happening, but what then?

The media are controlled at the top by the same people who control Putin and Biden, and if they didn’t control Putin, why is he doing what they planned?

Even among the people who have been saying they are eugenicist psychopaths literally trying to kill us all, there’s barely any of them who would be among the first to take up arms themselves to try to defeat this threat to all life on earth.

The reason is they’ve been brainwashed with the same mind control as everyone else, and the reason they fought so hard to expose the evil of these monsters is the same reason they can’t bring themselves to push war or violent revolution even as a real war is almost upon us.

I have pointed out you could fight the police with a similar sized army of civilians, the Russian army fighting a foreign country? Not so much. They’ll bomb you into the ground on day one as a warning.

It’s possible they would win a war anyway, it took this long for half the people to be convinced they were lying, and even once it becomes a huge majority, it all seems too hard because the public is not an army, and nobody is giving them orders.

The main thing that we need to do is take every victory won over the “narrative” if it can be “debunked” and rub it in their faces.

The Russians did terrible things in wars over the years, but when they list the covid death toll, which now includes the vaccine deaths, all of them are victims of a globalist attack, making the Russians less guilty by far. A year earlier the US army were still in Afghanistan because of one guy, who was actually in Pakistan, they said.

They can’t be allowed to forget that they put people through hell for every single debunked piece of actual misinformation they were pushing for the globalists.

If masks didn’t work, and caused more harm than good, if lockdowns didn’t work and caused more harm than good, if the vaccines didn’t work and caused more harm than good, and that can be proven, then you can’t let them forget it.

They have to admit they were wrong, particularly if they were part of the group, not limited to the government, that fired people from their jobs, kept them away from their family, kept them from shopping or going to restaurants, etc.

If they don’t admit they were wrong when they were wrong, they’re going to excuse themselves by saying they just trusted the experts, who were wrong, but in that case, at the highest level, they weren’t just wrong.

I don’t know what’s worse, that their young boys are brought up like killers or that our boys and even members of our army are brought up more like girls.

The “experts” attacked the world with biological weapons to kill people, make money and gain power, which they said they were going to do.

Which we told you they said they did in a thinly veiled confession with a psychopathic grin on their face, and you mind controlled sheeple morons didn’t listen.

You didn’t listen to your own family members, and instead listened to the people who were plotting an evil genocidal global takeover, or the people working directly for them, and almost every aspect of what we were saying is now out in the open, proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

If these people do not apologize and aim to be part of the solution, the same horrific mind control could result in billions being killed next time.

If they release a worse biological weapon, inject people with worse experimental poison, and it will be their fault, collectively, because were it not for them, it could not happen, but some of the blame also lies on those of us who knew and did nothing but talk about it.

Before I get sucked into the trap of talking about the Ukraine conflict which is more lies that they have more control over, I’d like to see some results on the covid issue, even if it’s just them admitting they got it wrong, so obviously wrong.

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