Should You Tolerate A Psychopathic War Criminal?

With half the retards who changed their profile picture from a covid vaccination symbol to a Ukrainian flag calling Putin a psychopath and lashing out at innocent Russian people, not him, I just want to explore that hypocrisy a little.

That video by Jimmy Dore talks about how they applied economic sanctions to various countries over the years which in some cases starved millions of children to death.

Similar to how millions of children starved to death due to lockdowns in the last two years.

The policy was meant to make the people so upset with their own government (rather than the people doing it), that they would rise up and kill them.

An incredibly painful method when they have the ability to fire a smart bomb or use a drone strike to hit the right target maybe half the time.

They could assassinate a leader if they wanted him gone, but in their mind, it looks better if the people get so mad they decide to rape them to death with a bayonet, to which they laugh and say we came, we saw, he died.

Leaving the country completely destroyed, like every other country the USA destroyed, giving them almost the worst record for destroying countries and killing people of any regime in the history of the world, in numbers affected.

Including China and Russia, when you add it all up, all the secret wars and puppet dictators, it adds up to a lot of crimes against humanity, but not in the minds of those bombarded with USA propaganda from the day they were born.

The Romans nailed people to crosses, it wasn’t millions though, maybe over thousands of years of their empire. The Vatican killed millions in even more painful ways, but that was over hundreds of years.

The USA starve millions of children to death with a policy decision, before breakfast. It’s more like the WEF, the CFR, the bankers, or the military/industrial complex, rather than crediting people like Biden with all that death and destruction.

Getting back to the point I was making, this collection of deep state psychopathic war criminals including the complicit lying media are trying to make Putin feel the pain, but they are just causing innocent Russian people to feel pain.

Why are they doing that? Because they pushed Putin past the agreed upon limits of their military expansion with Ukraine trying to join NATO and get nuclear weapons, to which he responded.

These are white supremacist Nazis, who have engaged in pogroms and ethnic cleansing, but strangely enough, the president is a Jew, of some sort. That always seems to happen doesn’t it?

This while they’ve been in an ongoing war, or a proxy war between peasants representing the two superpowers, Russia and the USA, that killed many thousands of people over many years now.

Given it is a war, you can see how the US would try to push for more territory, more money, more power, etc.

You can also see how Putin would push back, especially if there appeared to be a threat to Russia that both sides agreed would be viewed as a threat.

So then you get these retards saying Putin is so wrong for bombing the people who bombed thousands of his people, the Russian separatists, that they’re going to put a brick through a window of a Russian restaurant in DC, or some such thing.

These people are such disgusting hypocrites, they’re racists, attacking people purely for their nationality, supporting neo Nazis, literally supporting fascists, while claiming to be anti fascists who punch Nazis, and it’s Biden and the Democrats who are funding Asov battalion or the CIA anyway.

They deserve a kick in the head, or a bullet in the head, or to be slowly boiled in acid until they are dissolved into a puddle of sludge, in the worst cases, because at the top level, they are some of the worst people in the world.

It could not be any more obvious that this whole thing is ridiculous, stupid, evil, insane, criminal, corrupt, hypocritical, all of that.

The covid narrative seems to have fallen due to people finally seeing enough of these things for it to collapse under it’s own weight, and this war will too, but hopefully sooner rather than later, because too late could mean nuclear war or something almost as bad.

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