Are Neo Nazis Funded By Jews?

It might seem like an inflammatory question to ask, but as we can see from the basic situation in Ukraine with the Azov Battalion, these neo nazi groups aren’t what they appear.

It seems strange when you learn that Zelensky is a Jew that he would support the arming of violent fascist extremists as a large part of his army, if they had a philosophy of hating Jews.

I don’t really know what their philosophy is, but looking at the Ukraine war, you very quickly start to get the picture that almost all of it is fake.

Here’s a video of a Ukrainian family saying they saw Ukrainian soldiers killing their own people to blame it on Russia, however you could say that might be fake Russian propaganda.

So it appears from the fact check, it was faked on purpose that there was actually a video clip of fake bodies in body bags, although the fact checks have historically been fake more often than not as well. That’s tough to even explain, there is fake news happening in Ukraine, but some of the news about the fake news is fake itself.

Here’s a video of supposed body bags of dead victims of the war, laid out for the news cameras, and one of them has a live person appearing to wake up and show that he was still alive, just to demonstrate it was fake for the camera.

You see when they go out of their way to show you that it is fake, it’s more than them just faking a few things.

They appeared to very obviously show people that it was fake, and maybe even that it was fake that they were showing people that it was fake.

That’s how many levels of duplicitous deceit there is in this war, and it’s been known for a long time that the CIA and FBI funded neo nazi groups in the Ukraine, back in the USA, and around the world.

The Jewish bankers obviously control just about everything. Zelensky is a wealthy Jew, Putin is at least tied to many wealthy Jewish oligarchs, George Soros claims to have taken over that region when the USSR collapsed.

Then there’s the question of what it means to be a Jew, which isn’t all that simple considering it’s not just a race and not just one religion.

Some make the distinction between Zionists and Jews, and others say there’s Sabbatean Frankists, who make up a completely different religion within Judaism, which is practically the opposite ideology.

Frank addressed his followers: “I came not to elevate your spirits, but to humiliate you to the bottom of the abyss, where you can get no lower, and where no man can rise from by his own forces, but only God can pull him with his mighty hand from the depth.”

Why would Jews want to fund Nazi ideology? Why would they paint swastikas on their own homes? That was proven to have happened at least once, it’s fairly well known as a strategy they have.

I don’t really know what it is, except when you look at the basic philosophy of Sabbatean Frankism, it’s basically Satanism, they invert the teachings of the Torah and the goal is to be as sinful as possible.

To cause such death and destruction as to annoy God enough to bring about the coming of the messiah and armageddon, as the earth is destroyed to rid it of all sin like Noah’s flood attempted to do but failed, because it left some humans alive.

So basically they want a new world order that’s dedicated to pedophilia, incest, and weird creepy stuff like that.

Transhumanism, putting computer chips in people’s brains, totalitarian tyranny, uploading your consciousness to the cloud, trying to live forever as a computer program.

I don’t really know, the point is they’re religiously insane, and if they told anyone these kind of things, which would be unlikely in the first place, people would just assume they were crazy, not that it was a crazy cult that had these general beliefs as a large collective.

It’s a death cult which also appears in various other forms of Satanism, the Luciferian Freemasons have a similar cult based around death and sex magic, although maybe it’s the same cult.

You can’t really associate Jews as a whole with this directly, but according to David Icke, it was about half the Jews who were Sabbatean Frankists at one point hundreds of years ago, not that that proves it true.

I don’t feel as though I adequately answered the question about neo Nazi groups being funded by Jews, but as most people know, Jewish bankers fund almost everything.

Of course they have a large role in the the plan for a new world order, which is as far as I can tell a total nightmare beyond comprehension that turns logic on it’s head in every conceivable way, just for the hell of it.

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