The Ridiculous Hypocrisy Of The Ukraine War

War is never a good thing, war crimes are obviously a really bad thing, but the people in power seem to feel the opposite way about them, because there’s nothing they love doing more.

They will openly commit war crimes, support totalitarian states and call it a fight for freedom, when even back home the only thing happening is freedom is going out the window and being replaced with brutal authoritarianism.

They ask people to accept going into a financial depression for that noble, moral goal, of helping people who officially adopted a NAZI slogan or a phrase that has very strong association with that group.

You get these people who say Putin is evil, how dare you be a Putin sympathizer, how dare you be a Russian, in nationality, race, or ideology, we’re going to get the banks to shut down your bank account and destroy your life.

Their actions speak for themselves, which are so obviously evil and legally criminal, breaking the Geneva convention all over the place for deliberately targeting civilians, women and children with economic warfare which can be deadly.

I didn’t think these people could get any more insane and evil than they were with the covid scam, but this is more obvious, and it’s more evil.

Again, I’m not supporting Putin, he’s pretty much the example of a totalitarian psychopath who these hypocritical bastards are acting like, to a greater degree than he is himself, but he’s not the main problem here.

I been explaining how those people attacked us with biological weapons on purpose, for two years in a row, and by the time people actually started to realize that is what happened, everyone shifted focus to this nightmare instead.

It’s possible the war could turn nuclear, the media were talking about the possibility of Putin using small nukes, not that I trust anything the media says, but I do believe the military/industrial complex wants another long war.

I was talking to this guy on Minds who seemed convinced that it was righteous to support the Ukrainians and cause pain to regular Russian people just for being Russian, as a disincentive for world leaders to protect their own borders.

He just doesn’t even have a clue how many millions of people the US army killed, even at the same time in other countries, through puppets, proxy wars, policy decisions, economic sanctions and all that.

It’s probably hundreds of millions killed, or it is in the last hundred years anyway. The bankers funded both sides of almost every war, and it was in their interest to make all those wars happen and it’s the bankers who really run the USA.

I feel like if they can’t see the manipulation from the media, there’s virtually no point in pointing it out to them, it’s too obvious already, and it is already being pointed out.

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EMERGENCY: Pentagon Wargame Predicts 1 Billion Killed in Ukraine/Nato/Russia War – FULL SHOW 3/8/22

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